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After school snack-times are a great time to begin empowering your kids to make quick snacks for themselves. Empowering them to do this for themselves helps set them up for later years in life and also helps them understand what you do for them most days.

Here are 5 super simple Snacks Your Kids Can Make. These snacks all have the added bonus that they help their one body for life*. These snacks are not listed in any specific order in terms of ease or nutrients. They are just all snacks your kids from about 7 up could make on their own. If you have younger children, maybe you can make them in advance, then show them how to plate them up for themselves. It’s all about getting them involved, so they feel empowered for their own choices.

*that we only have one body for life is one of the key messages kids are learning in our Kids Health Quest Membership.

1. Fruit with a Side of Nuts and /or Yoghurt

Ok, so it doesn’t get much easier than this. The fruit can be eaten whole or they can use some kitchen skills to cut it up. The fruit is naturally sweet and loaded with fibre. When served alongside some nuts or seeds, this snack is then boosted with protein and good fats. Both important for keeping tummies full.

2. Pop Corn

Again super simple to make and kids love hearing it pop. All you need is some Popcorn Kernels, coconut oil and some salt. Super simple to make – here is how to make popcorn video I made a while back. I buy our popcorn kernels from The Wholefood Collective – this way I know they are not GMO. I would suggest they serve popcorn with some nuts or a small bowl of yoghurt to help this snack more filling.

3. Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls are a really simple snack that can be loaded up with so much goodness. Here are some recipes to try out.

4. Rice Cakes with toppings

There are so many awesome toppings for rice cakes. The rice cakes themselves aren’t super nourishing but adding a delicious topping like those below can turn them into a nourishing snacks. Here’s a selection of ideas:

  • 100% peanut butter
  • Block tasty cheese with sliced tomato
  • Avocado with crumbled feta cheese
  • Tuna

5. Smoothies

There are so many great smoothie recipes out there. Give your kids the experiment of googling (all kids love screens – put that to good use, let them research #winning) and finding a smoothie to make. Here are some recipes they may like to try too.

Oh and for a bonus, here’s a 6th one you just can’t go pass:

6. Veggie Sticks and A Dip

Let’s be honest here, if you want your kids to eat veggie sticks and dip, you are probably going to have to cut some up yourself and have them in the fridge.

The key is you want to make it easy for them to have Veggies as a snack. Cut them up and pop them in a container, then let your kids know that first snack for the day is veggies and dip. Here’s 3 ridiculously easy dips to make too.

What do your kids already like to make?

About The Author

Bel Smith

Belinda Smith is a Mum, a Health & Wellness Coach, and the creator of The Mad Food Science™ Program and The 5 Minute Healthy Lunchbox System™. Belinda has spent the past 2 years travelling Australia in their Big Green Bus “Kaley”, empowering kids to make better food choices, and making it easier for parents to get their kids eating healthier. Bel has visited 90 schools Australia wide and empowered over 20,000 children and parents to make better food choices. She is a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador, and was dubbed “The Lunchbox Vigilante” by Channel 7 Sunrise. Bel appears regularly in national and regional TV, radio and press. Her vision is for kids to choose real food every day as their normal food.

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