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Lemon Zaatar Yoghurt Chickpeas

Lemon Zaatar Yoghurt Chickpeas

Kate Parker | February 26, 2021

This recipe is inspired by some of my favorite Middle Eastern dishes, using a combination of some of my favourite Middle Eastern flavours – yoghurt, lemon, zataar, tahini. While it may not be the prettiest dish, it’s ugly DELICIOUS.


3 Cups chickpeas, cooked
1 med brown onion, finely diced
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
¼ cup tbsp zaatar spice
½ cup tahini
Juice of 1 lemon
½ cup yoghurt
Salt & pepper
1 tbsp olive oil
Handful of parsley, roughly chopped


1. Heat olive oil in a heavy bottomed saucepan over medium heat.

2. Add onions with a pinch of salt, and saute, stirring occasionally.

3. Cook for 5-10 minutes or until onions start to brown.

4. Add garlic and saute a few minutes more, until garlic is fragrant.

5. Add chickpeas and zaatar with a pinch of salt. Stir until heated through.

6. Add tahini and ¼ cup of water. Stirring regularly until tahini is heated through, and no lumps remain.

7. Turn heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes gently, stirring occasionally.

8. Add yoghurt and lemon juice, stir through then remove from heat.

9. Taste and adjust salt and pepper as required.

Serve and garnish with chopped parsley on top.

Serve with flat bread & salad, over rice, or as part of a mezze meal. Delicious!


Easy Sweet Potato Nachos with Boosted Mexican Mix

Easy Sweet Potato Nachos with Boosted Mexican Mix

Kate Parker | January 27, 2021


This recipe is super simple to throw together, loaded with nutrients, and such a treat! You can bulk out the meal easily with extra sweet potato and black beans for additional protein.  

Serves: 1
Time: <30min


1 sweet potato, sliced into ½ cm rounds
3 tbsp Boosted Mexican Mix
½ avocado, mashed with 1 tsp of lime juice & a pinch of salt
8 cherry tomatoes, quartered
½ cucumber, diced
¼ cup red onion, diced
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 tbsp coyo or cashew cream with 1 tsp lime juice added
1 tbsp olive oil

Optional: Add ½ a tin of black beans, chilli, and some shredded fresh coriander.


1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.

2. Place sweet potato slices on a baking tray in a single layer. Drizzle with olive oil and toss to coat.

3. Sprinkle ½ the boosted mexican mix on one side, then flip.

4. Sprinkle with remaining mix.

5. Roast in the oven for 20-25 minutes, turning after 15 minutes, until they reach a slightly crisp texture on the edges.

6. Make the dressing by adding all ingredients to a jar and shake vigorously to combine.

7. Chop all the veggies.

8. Mash the avocado with the lime juice and salt.

9. Assemble the nachos by layering ½ the sweet potato rounds and sprinkling with ½ the nutritional yeast, repeat.

10. Add veggies, avocado, and coconut yoghurt dressing.

11. Enjoy!


Low-Carb Boosted Mexican Salad For 1 with Spiced Tofu & Lime Dressing

Low-Carb Boosted Mexican Salad For 1 with Spiced Tofu & Lime Dressing

Kate Parker | January 11, 2021


 Our Boosted Mexican Mix is the quickest, easiest, healthiest way to add a huge Mexican flavour bomb & fibre bomb to your dishes! Unlike supermarket spice blends this is made without additives, and has extra nutritious ingredients to boost your meals. No need to freak the kids out with all the ‘health food’ packets!

Use this mix to add to your taco fillings, to flavour beans & rice, coat tofu, tempeh or meat before quickly frying, or add to stews, soups, casseroles or pulled meats. 

This salad is a low-carb, high-protein, nutritious option, perfect for hot summer days. You can batch cook a large block of tofu & keep the pieces in the fridge for use over a few days & triple or quadruple the salad dressing for food prep. This salad would work really well as a jar salad with hard veg down the bottom with the dressing, and soft veg at the top. 



2 tbsp of Boosted Mexican Mix
½ block of firm or medium firm tofu, roughly 120grams
1 tsp olive oil for frying

1 cup shredded lettuce
8 cherry tomatoes, halved
½ a cucumber, sliced
¼ of an avocado
¼ of red capsicum sliced
¼ cup of red onion, sliced
Optional Extras: black beans, corn

Salad Dressing
1 tsp lime juice
1 tsp olive oil
½ tsp honey or maple syrup
¼ tsp cumin
Salt & pepper to taste
Optional: Chilli sauce

Optional Toppings: Coconut yoghurt or cashew cream, pepitas, coriander, crunchy corn chips, tortilla.


1. Drain tofu & press for 20 minutes by wrapping ½ a block in a clean tea towel, covering with a board, and adding an extra weight.

2. Add Boosted Mexican mix to a wide bowl, slice tofu into 40 even strips and coat each side with mix.

3. Heat oil in a pan over medium and cook each side for 2-3 minutes until spices are fragrant.

4. Mix dressing by adding all ingredients to a small jar and shaking thoroughly.

5. Assemble salad in a bowl, add tofu and toppings. Drizzle dressing over the plate.

6. Enjoy!

Green Goddess Lemon & Coconut Bliss Ball Recipe

Green Goddess Lemon & Coconut Bliss Ball Recipe

Kate Parker | October 31, 2020

This recipe is an easy one to whip up and a great way to get some extra green goodness in you using our Detoxify Green Goddess Smoothie Blend.

This recipe makes approximately 16 tbsp sized bliss balls


1 Cup of raw cashews
7 medjool dates
3 level scoops of Detox Smoothie Blend or Gluten Free Detox Smoothie Blend
Zest of 1 lemon, finely grated
1 ½ tsp vanilla bean powder
Good pinch of salt
¼ cup of desiccated or shredded coconut for coating

Optional Extras
Passionfruit Green Spirulina Colour – add these to make the bliss balls super green & a passionfruit flavour. Add a little and taste as you go.
Supergreens powder – Add this for extra green colour, this blend will add extra bitterness to the mixture. Taste as you go.


1. Add all ingredients, except the coconut, to the bowl of a food processor or Thermomix.

2. Blend on high speed, scraping sides as needed, until the mix is well combined. This bliss ball mix should go further than your usual bliss balls, keep whizzing until all the chunks are missing and the mix is one homogenous colour.

3. At this stage, if you’d like your bliss balls to be a little more green you can add some greens powder which will give a deeper forest green, and a more bitter flavour. Or choose our passionfruit sparkles, which will add a lighter green colour and a brighter flavour. I recommend you taste the mix and dip a little of the mix into a powder to try if you’d like to add another powder.

4. Add coconut to a bowl. Take teaspoon or tablespoon sized pieces of the mix, roll between palms to form balls. Drop balls into the bowl and coat with coconut, pressing into the mixture slightly.

Keep in an airtight container or jar in the fridge for up to 4 weeks.

8 (Not So) Terrifying Tips for a Healthy Halloween!

8 (Not So) Terrifying Tips for a Healthy Halloween!

Kate Parker | October 18, 2020

Halloween is almost upon us again! It’s a super fun season for adults and kids alike, but it sure does usually mean waaaay too much sugar.

Here are some tips to have fun with Halloween, while keeping it all in check.

1. Create Some Spooky Healthy Food After School Snacks

Boonana Ghosts

Try making some apple mummies, use some mini chocolate chips or carob chips to make boo-nana ghosts, the kids might not want to eat their veggie roasts, but will they eat their veggie ghosts?

Make some healthy veggie sticks in Halloween capsicums to have with dips or snack on before dinner.

2. Fill ‘Em Up Buttercup!

Shepherd's Pie Jack o LanternsThis one is a no-brainer. Serve up a healthy (and well-loved) family meal before you hit the streets if your family is trick or treating. If little ones have full tummies they’re less likely to want to eat the lollies as they go, or will eat fewer at least, as they’re trick or treating.

Want some ideas to turn up the halloween fun on the family dinner?

Start with something traditional, like these beautiful pumpkin pies.

Use your family’s favourite soup recipe & turn it into a cheeky monster face with the aid of some sushi rice, nori sheets & a squeeze of sauce!

Or make a creamy blood soup! Serve it up with some eyeballs floating in there too!

Can’t usually get your kids to go green? Maybe they’d like eating a Frankenstein’s Monster’s face of pasta! If your kids don’t like olives use cheese, red capsicum slices, tomatoes cucumbers etc to make the face shapes.

Stand and stuff! Make little jack o’ lantern stuffed capsicums and stuff them with your favourite Mexican rice & beans recipe, fried rice or even shepherd’s pie and bake for a delicious & halloween themed dinner.

For a quick & healthy option grab some pita bread and spread with guacamole to make monster eyeball no-bake pizza! Decorate it with funny eyeballs made from cucumber, cheese and olives or black beans. Add some lightly sauteed zucchini noodles on top for extra monster factor or go all out with some bocconcini eyeballs.

How about some baked falafel witches fingers? Serve them up with bloody tomato sauce, tahini sauce and fresh salad.

3. Get Crafty With Your Halloween Buckets

HalloweenHalloween doesn’t have to be all about the food. Finding some fun craft activities to do can add to the excitement for the week by decorating Halloween treat buckets or bags and even your house!

Creating or decorating individual Halloween collection containers can be a fun family craft activity, as well as a way to manage how many lollies are getting collected in the evening! You can pick the size of the box, bucket or basket so that it fills up quickly, and create or purchase an assortment of spooky decorations such as spiders, cobwebs, insects, bats, vampire fangs, witch silhouettes, ghosts and monsters to decorate your Halloween containers with.

You can create some simple shapes with cardboard, or go over the top with some cheap shop decorations and a hot glue gun.

Try making bats, and more bats, cats, mice, ravens, tombstones, decorate bags with a simple skull potato stamp or go all out with these scarecrow Halloween treat bags.

4. Decorate the House

Halloween VampireGet into the All Hallows Eve spirit by decorating the house, your kids might not feel so bad about missing out on the trick or treating when they can boast they’ve got the spookiest house on the street.

Recycle some milk or juice cartons into spooky ghosts lanterns with some permanent markers for older kids.

Make your fruity all spooky with these mandarin jack ‘o’ lanterns.

Decorate with these easy hanging ghosts, all you need is some large white paper, a black market, scissors and some tape and fishing line to hang them.

All you need to create some spooky spiderwebs is some grey yarn and masking tape.

Give the fruit bowl a mummy makeover with some googly eyes and bandage.

Use a white sock to make a creepy sock skeleton.

5. Be THAT Person In Your Neighborhood

Halloween LolliesIf you have a good relationship with your neighbours you might be able to get away with making some homemade treats (make sure to chat with all the parents in your area first!) some ideas we love from Ashley Jubinville are gingersnap biscuits, cranberry bounty bars (using our amaaazing sugar-free cranberries, of course!) and vegan lemon cake.

You could get creative with popcorn bags and small bags of dried fruit with some Halloween craft attached, or do some research and seek out some lollies you could pick up in your area that are based on fruit juices and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

6. Bring Back Apple Bobbing!

Apple BobbingBobbing for apples is a really fun, silly activity which you can even sneak a history lesson into!

It dates back to the Roman invasion of Britain when the Romans merged their traditions with Celtic ones. Apple bobbing was a game for young, unmarried folk who would either bob for apples from a barrel, or hung from strings in a tree. The first person to bite an apple would be the next allowed to marry.

The game is known in Ireland and Newfoundland as “Snap Apple” and in Newfoundland and Labrador “Snap Apple Night” is a synonym for Halloween.

So to set up your apple bobbing game you’ll need a tub of water placed on a table high enough to add some challenge, but low enough that smaller bodies can have a go and a bunch of apples. One per person playing, or more if you wish to make the game less challenging.

Players take turns (which can be timed) to catch one with their teeth and are not allowed to use their arms, which can be tied behind backs to prevent cheating.

You could set up your apple bobbing station at the front door as a trick for trick or treaters who come knocking, as part of some fun Halloween celebrations you do with your family in the week leading up, or as an activity to do with the family at home if you’re forgoing the trick or treating all together.

7. Bring In the Halloween Witch

Halloween Our family has a ‘Halloween Witch’. She visits once a year, the morning after Halloween.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The kids eat their pick of their lolly loot on Halloween night.
  2. As they go to bed that night, they leave the lollies they’re clearly not that fussed about anyway, out by the door or at the end of their bed in their trick or treating buckets.
  3. When they wake in the morning, the Halloween witch will have visited and swapped their lolly-left-overs for non-food treats like colouring books, stickers, pens… whatever they’re into!

Everyone wins!

Parent pro-tip: Did you know there’s also an Easter fairy?? ?

8. Keep it in Perspective – It’s Just One Day

All these crafty ideas and totally over-the-top foods are healthy ways to get in the spirit of Halloween and make your kids feel like they aren’t missing out on lots of fun things when they might be missing out on some of the unhealthy things.

But we know they take EFFORT, and we don’t always have the time or space to do these kinds of things in our day-to-day lives.

So, when all the effort is too much, and you want your kids to share the same experiences with their extended family and friends, just remember, it’s only one day.

Happy Halloween!

Check out Kate’s website, Hobart Green Guide to find the best vegan and eco parts of Southern Tasmania and some great vegan recipes.