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4 Ways To Minimise Waste in Your Home Now!

4 Ways To Minimise Waste in Your Home Now!

Mary Gutierrez | September 12, 2019

We’ve all heard about the impact of plastics and wastes on our environment. As mums, we become increasingly concerned. We want a better and healthier world for our children and future generations.

The good news is we have the power to turn this around by starting in our own homes. Yes, the overwhelm is real. We get it. That’s why we asked the beautiful members of our community to share their favorite ways on how to minimise waste in their own homes.

Check out these simple tips!

Composting Your Fruit, Veggie and Food Scraps, Cardboard and Paper Waste

Here are some composting systems our community recommends:

1. Urban Composter

“Ever since I got a fermenting compost setup for my kitchen I’ve found it so hassle-free compared to the older style composting methods which require far more time and space than most share-house living situations afford. It’s slightly more work in terms of chopping up the scraps, and burying them. But the compost juice is amazing fertiliser and it has completely closed the loop on my gardening! You just need enough space to dig a hole to bury the scraps. It does wonders for the earth as well.” ~Kate 

2. Bokashi Indoor Compost Bin

“This is the one I have, it’s been great. We do compost of scraps, we downsized our kitchen bin and only have about 3 rubbish bags a week now.” ~Amy

3. Subpod

Fiona has been keeping an eye out for this product’s release. She feels like they have too much to go in a benchtop compost. So this looks perfect for her needs.

If you have more food and veggie scraps than you can handle, you can share it with a local gardener. Hat tip to Carly and Glenda for this suggestion! Thank you to Jillian as well for reminding us that we can also compost cardboard and paper waste, such as toilet rolls.

Food Scraps to Meal Ideas

meals in glass containers

“Odd veggie ends go in a freezer container for future stocks; old bananas frozen for smoothies or cakes and lately when I have little odds and ends, I make a big fried rice.” ~Hayley

Hayley’s resource for more ideas: I Quit Sugar book by Sarah Wilson

Veggie and fruit scraps are also great meals for your chicken (shout out to Carly and Hayley!).

Personal Care and Hygiene Swaps

shampoo and soap bars on a wooden tray

Did you know that, on average, one shampoo bar can outlast two to three bottles of liquid shampoo? (I and my shoulder-length hair can attest to that.) It saves money and extra trips to the store. Talking about win-win! We got a couple more swap ideas below.

  1. Shampoo bars
  2. Refillable organic conditioner
  3. Cloth nappies

Hat tip to Heidi.

Kitchen & Pantry Swaps

reusable glass jars in the pantry

If you’d choose one place in your home to be more environment-friendly, the kitchen or pantry is a good place to start. Just one of the tips below will be a game-changer for you and Mother Earth.

  1. Glass containers/bottles/jars over plastic containers
  2. Beeswax over foil
  3. Metal pegs instead of plastic
  4. Loose produce or in reusable bags
  5. Stainless steel lunch boxes
  6. Homemade nut milk

Credits to Karen and Carly.


“Any soft plastics that cannot be avoided, we recycle through the Redcycling program, and of course regular plastics, tins and glass that we don’t keep to reuse are also recycled.” ~ Carly

Final Thoughts

Yes, this problem is huge and there’s so much that should be done. But every little positive step you take makes a difference. Your effort counts!

So tell us, which of the tips above are you going to try out today?

What is your favorite way to minimise waste in your home?
Please share in the comments below.

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