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This raw cacao recipe is so simple to throw together and choc (yep!) full of nourishing ingredients. Enjoy them while the weather is still warm! Check out our moulds to make gorgeous magnum & heart shaped ice creams at home!


An equal amount of yoghurt and frozen fruit (Example: 500g frozen blueberries, 500g yoghurt)
2-4 Tbsp DUST cacao infusion of your choice
1 Tbsp of organic honey
Some fresh mint (optional, for an extra kick)


1. Add all ingredients into a mixer, following the order above and blend thoroughly to combine well.

2. The frozen fruit will instantly form an ice cream like texture.

3. Fill the mix into ice pop moulds. In case it is too thick to fill in easily, either add a bit more yoghurt or gently use a scoop.

TIP: You can place a few additional berries / fruit pieces into the moulds first.
Close the ice pop moulds and place into freezer.

About The Author

Chalimah Jeanne

As a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, Chalimah spent years working in an integrative medical practice. To support her patients treatment, she would blend therapeutic botanical infusions and herbal teas for them. Organic Merchant is a natural extension of her clinical practice. She believes that simple daily pleasures such as consuming a pure cup of organic herbal tea can be one of the most nourishing practices, and that the everyday items that serve and nurture us are also a thing of beauty. With these mantras in mind, she created Organic Merchant as a way to share this experience of wellness.

You can find her beautiful, therapeutic Cacao Infusions by searching 'Organic Merchant' in the TWC store.

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