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I’ve never really been a “dress ups” kinda gal.

But I tell you what!…

…I had a super fun day with my friends this week, dressing up in pretty dresses and making yummy bliss balls!

And while we were at it, I managed to wangle a fabulous opportunity for you guys! Read on…



My friends Nadene and Meghan design the most beautiful dresses, and they decked me out in one of them!


They know I love food, so of course I got the lemon dress.


Little did they know, that lemon dress was quite serendipitous.


I spent a whole year with a low-grade cold. I took to drinking the juice of a whole lemon every day (and using essential oils) and I gained the strength I needed to finally kick the longest cold in the world.


It taught me that food can be medicine, and that I have the power to strengthen my health.


Lemons now serve as a constant reminder of that, and are a symbol of strength to me.


Check out the dress…



When I put it on, I immediately felt beautiful.


The fabric, the fit, the cut, the way it moved with my body…. was unlike any dress I’d worn before.

I’m proud of the “maturing, almost-40” journey I’m on. I even love the scars I have from needing 5 caesarian sections. They represent my beautiful children and all that my body and mind were strong enough to do, to bring them into this world.

But… I’d be lying if I said I’m not plagued with some body image issues. Particularly now, while I’m getting to the bottom of some health issues and learning to put self care back on the ‘must do’ list each day.

And with this dress though? I felt like a million bucks.

So I did what any woman in her right mind would do, and I took it home with me 😉


Nadene & Meghan are going to GIVE a lucky someone inside the TWC Community, your choice of beautiful Wynsum Wardrobe dresses!


Check out some of the options….




AND, as a bonus because we couldn’t resist, we’re also giving you Nadene’s famous Christmas bliss ball recipe.


She’s very well known for these babies.


In fact, when I had a baby (maybe Rosie?), she dropped around the peppermint variety, which to this day, still remain my absolute fave bliss ball recipe.


And if you know TWC recipes, you know we have a lot!


Here it is (click the image below for the recipe)…


Christmas Bliss Balls with Cranberry, Chocolate, Pistachio & Orange


So if you want a dress that can be your ‘go-to’ to make you feel a million bucks, check out how below (NB: Entries close on New Years Eve 2018):


Click here or on the image below to enter.


*Just for the record, I don’t believe we need a dress to make us feel like a million bucks. But, sometimes it doesn’t hurt, right? 😉

Merry Christmas guys!

Laini x

PS. Don’t you just love those bar stools? Our other friends Liam and Esther have a business called Abide Interiors. I have quite the wish-list going. Check out their range here. They ship around the country too.

PPS. Photos were taken by another friend Beth Ellis. She’s actually the model in most of the photos on Wynsum Wardrobe, and will be shooting our family photo’s next week.  Our last ones were taken TEN years ago! Overdue much? Check out her amazing work here.

PPPS. FYI, Nadene is actually the friend I’ve told some of you about before, who was the one who helped me get into wholefoods in the first place! So it’s quite fitting that I introduce her to you all.



About The Author

Laini Oldfield

Founder of the Wholefood Collective (TWC), Laini loves to feed her family well. Most of the time she pulls it off. Sometimes she doesn't.

Laini & her husband Jordan started TWC because 'doing' wholefoods was driving them nuts. It was confusing, time consuming, and expensive. They needed to find a way to marry up their values, time and budget. And so TWC was born.

TWC makes wholefoods doable for Aussie families, through access to big savings on highly vetted, premium wholefoods - delivered to your door, AND support & guidance on how to even DO wholefoods with a busy life.

You can find Laini at the beach, changing nappies (the end is near!), cooking up a storm, and always at her laptop in the wee hours of the morning.

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