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Food can propel us forward in energy, vitality and health, or it can drag us down to lethargy and longer-term – chronic disease. 

We get to choose which it is.

Food (along with sleep and mind work) is what I reach for when I have a need, be it energy, clarity of mind, or targeting a specific health goal.

Right now, immunity is on everyone’s mind.

My family are looking to food, sleep and mind work. I’m confident those 3 things will give us the most robust result.

Here’s my tips for which foods to reach for more each day, especially in times like this.

All my love,

Laini x

Camu Camu Powder
camu camu powderIncredibly high in vitamin C for fighting bacterial infections, general immunity, iron absorption, and to fight fatigue and tiredness. One teaspoon a day gives you more than your baseline Vitamin C needs for the day (for an average woman leading an average lifestyle).
Kiwi is high in vitamin C, folate, potassium, and antioxidants (alpha-Tocopherol and lutein). It has been shown to have positive effects on the immune response — making it potentially helpful in preventing a wide range of ailments.
Bone Broth Powder
Bone broth is a great source of amino acids, glycine and therefore my fave antioxidant again – glutamine, that helps restore gut health and immune function, as well as reduce inflammation. Glutathione also helps cleanse the liver, and we need our liver to be in tip-top shape when we’re trying to fight viruses.

The nutrients in bone broth help to maintain a balanced bacteria environment in the gastrointestinal system and provide defence against autoimmune disease and flu.
Black Garlic Cloves
A study in 2012 showed that black garlic had a more powerful effect on stimulating immunity than raw garlic. This is because of the antioxidants found in black garlic which fight free radicals, reducing inflammation and preventing oxidative damage to your cells.
Immunity Premix
Just add this premix to your base (liquid + fruit + veg), and not only will you enjoy a mega-dose of targeted nutrition, but a diversity of real, whole foods that will nurture your gut and support both your physical and mental health! Yes, food can help your mood, your mental clarity and recall, your energy, stress levels, hormones… the list goes on.
Turmeric Powder
Its antibacterial properties is one of the best ways it works to help us build robust immunity. It’s also well known in its ability to reduce inflammation and contribute powerful antioxidants, namely curcumin.
Mango Turmeric
Mango TurmericMango turmeric is naturally bio-available. That means you don’t need pepper to activate it, yay!  Traditionally mango turmeric was believed to strengthen bones, increase mobility and blood flow. In addition, when consumed in the morning it was considered to produce an uplifting effect assisting a positive attitude.

Turmeric’s antibacterial properties is one of the best ways it works to help us build robust immunity. It’s also well known in its ability to reduce inflammation and contribute powerful antioxidants, namely curcumin.
Cruciferous Vegetables
They are rich in sulfur-containing substances called glucosinolates, which make sulforaphane — a phytochemical known for its immune-boosting effects.

Research has shown that cruciferous vegetables (kale, collard greens, mustard greens, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, kohlrabi, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts) are a source of a chemical signal necessary for the immune system to function at its best.
Green Banana Resistant Starch
Resistant starch?  It’s a type of fibre that ‘resists’ traditional digestion in the stomach and small intestine, and makes it all the way to our colon where there’s a big party of both good and bad bugs. The resistant starch then feeds the good bugs so they can outnumber the bad ones. Having a better balance of those bugs in our gut typically helps us feel lighter and more energetic.

Moreover, this fibre also serves to seal and heal the gut, and reduce inflammation.

And a healthy gut and lower inflammation are essential for a strong immune system.
Probiotics are the good bacteria in your gut. We need a good balance of good and bad bugs in the gut to boost our physical and mental health and fend off diseases.

This probiotic is made from 100% real, organic potent foods (like sprouted broccoli and alfalfa) that’s been carefully fermented.
Cumin Powder
When digested, cumin releases a component called megalomicin, which has antibiotic properties that may restrict the growth of infectious bacteria and fungi. Cumin also contains a heap of plant compounds (including terpenes, phenols, flavonoids and alkaloid) that function as antioxidants, which are chemicals that reduce damage to your body from free radicals.
Greens Powder
These greens are things like organic chlorella, spirulina, kelp, barley grass, alfalfa…. things we don’t usually get into us regularly. And all that adds to a greater diversity of nutrients going into the gut, which we know helps build that robust microbiome we all want, boost immunity and optimise cellular function and energy levels.
Supreme Green Blend
Made from a blend of real food, dried without any chemicals or fillers. We’re not going to lie – it doesn’t taste great. But we’re PROUD to say that, as it means that it contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It’s simply nature’s way of supplying plant-based vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, conveniently. It’s also chemical, pesticide and herbicide free.
Greens Plus
What are the benefits of Greens Plus?

– Promotes healthy digestion and detoxification
– Supports hormone and blood sugar balance
– Promotes healthy heart function
– Assists healthy weight management
– Supports the immune system
– Easy way to quickly access valuable nutrients
– Add to a smoothie or simply mix with water
Maca Powder
Did you know that one ounce (28 grams) of maca root powder provides 133% of your vitamin C recommended daily intake? Amazeballs! Vitamin C may boost immunity by helping white blood cells function more effectively and strengthening your skin’s defense system.
Next time you shop for onions, pick out red and yellow varieties as they are particularly high in quercetin, an antioxidant which is known to have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Cool fact: The highest concentration of quercetin is in the outer rings.
Fire Tonic
This herbal infusion is a potent immune booster and metabolic stimulant with its broad-spectrum of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It also helps your immune system mobilise and move blood through the system.
Apple Cider Vinegar
The healthy bacteria found in ACV can soothe a sore throat and support healthy lymphatic drainage to kick seasonal sniffles and allergies to the curb.
Raw Honey
Raw honey contains phytonutrients that are responsible for its antioxidant properties, antibacterial and antifungal power. These phytonutrients are also thought to be the reason raw honey has shown immune-boosting and anticancer benefits.
Berries are high in vitamin C, which helps prevent cell damage and inflammation. Another notable antioxidant found abundantly in berries is ellagic acid, which may help protect the immunity of the oral mucous membrane.

Also, resveratrol found in red grapes and pterostilbene in blueberries have the most impact to boost immunity.
Pepitas contain high levels of antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation and protect you against many diseases. Not only that, but pepitas are also rich in zinc which is known to kick up your immunity.
Chia Seeds
High in magnesium, chia seeds help boost lipolysis (the process through which the body releases fat from its stores) and help flush out those gunky toxins in the morning. Magnesium is also responsible for more than 600 chemical reactions in your body.
Nutritional Yeast Flakes
Nutritional yeast contains beta-glucans, which are known to have powerful infection-preventing and immune-boosting properties by enhancing natural killer cell (anti-cancer and anti-infection) activity.
Studies show that ginger extract can inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria. Also, the bioactive substance in fresh ginger called gingerol can help lower the risk of infections. Fresh ginger may also be effective against the RSV virus, a common cause of respiratory infections.
Sunflower Seeds
They’re packed with Vitamin E and zinc which help regulate and maintain a healthy immune system.
Goji Berries
Goji berries contain polysaccharides, which research has shown, enhances our ability to resist disease. Interestingly, Goji’s polysaccharides have a chemical structure similar to echinacea and mushrooms which are well known in their ability to support a healthy immune system too. Goji’s are also super rich in Vitamin C and Zinc – both of which we already know help to protect against disease and aid recovery.
Brazil Nuts
Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium. Selenium’s role in immunity is to support your body to make my fave antioxidant – glutathione! Glutathione is an antioxidant that powers up our immune systems’ front-line bug-killers, a type of white blood cell called T-cells. The great news is that 1 brazil nut gives you 73% of your selenium needs for the day.
It is a healthy seasoning, with significant amounts of several beneficial nutrients including vitamin A and vitamin C.
Gelatin can work by helping to heal the gut lining by enhancing gastric acid secretion and restoring a healthy mucosal lining in the stomach.
Kultured Wellness Starters
My family love Kultured Wellness’ cultured yoghurt starter (in smoothies and satay sauces), and the coconut kefir (“coconut fizzy” according to our 3yo). I’ve just ordered the apple juice starter this morning. Right now at time of publishing, Kultured Wellness have 25% off their starters.

Check it out HERE.
Vitamin C powerhouse, citrus fruits help to boost your immune system and make you less susceptible to illness. And check this out – simply smelling citrus fragrances could reduce stress-induced immunosuppression.

About The Author

Laini Oldfield

Laini Oldfield ~ Founder, The Wholefood Collective

Trying to eat nutrient-dense food free of pesticides and additives was driving Laini, Jordan and their 5 kids nuts! So the Wholefood Collective (TWC) was born. Started from their garage for their own family, TWC now makes whole foods ‘doable’ for every Aussie family, through access to highly vetted, home delivered, organic whole foods at big savings.

Her favourite part of the job though? Supporting people with simple solutions to get robust nutrition happening at their place.

Laini's biggest achievement is bringing her own family across the line, but she's also personally helped over 13,000 families to better nutrition and energy through TWC's signature 21-Day 'Wholefood My Family' Challenge, and at live workshops.

With a particular interest in using food to help achieve specific health goals (functional food), and strategies to boost nutrition in family meals without being 'detected', Laini loves discovering more about the powerful force for good that food can play in our lives, and then putting that to work.

Laini's goal is to see more Aussies thrive with clear minds, plenty of energy, stable moods, and robust immunity, through the nourishment that comes to body and mind through real food.

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