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Just because it’s the most romantic day of the year doesn’t mean you need to ditch your wholefoods eating habit, and you’ll have even more fun whipping up something special for someone very special than you would a trip to the shops!

Check out this fantastic lineup of gorgeous wholefood treats for your valentine this year.


Easy Vegan Chocolate – The Minimalist Baker

Easy Vegan Chocolate The Minimalist BakerLet’s start simple! I LOVE this recipe from The Minimalist Baker for super simple vegan chocolate. It has just a few ingredients (although I’d swap out the agave syrup for maple or brown rice malt) and it so easy to customize with all your favourite flavours. Add some desiccated coconut to make coconut roughs, fruit and nuts (fig + pistachio is a great combo) or get creative with yummy dried banana and dried mango!

Find the recipe here.

Shop for everything you need here – cacao, cacao nibs, cacao butter, vanilla, Himalayan salt, maple syrup or brown rice syrup.


Five Ingredient Avocado Pudding – Easy GF Recipes

Chocolate Avocado puddingCacao powder doesn’t agree with everyone, which is why I think this silky smooth chocolate pudding recipe is absolutely brilliant, using gorgeous organic carob powder instead of cacao or cocoa powders.

The recipe calls for just 5 ingredients and whizzes up in minutes, making it pretty foolproof and perfect for time poor folks.

Find the recipe here.

Shop for everything you need here – carob powder, dates, vanilla, Himalayan salt.

Cacao Butter Orange Truffles – Healthy Dessert

Cocoa Butter Orange Truffles If your loved one is not a lover of chocolate, or adores light and fruity flavours give these stunning orange truffles a go this Valentines.

They’re creamy and decadent, using cocoa butter for a beautiful texture and the coconut flavour is a light and fresh pairing with orange.

Get the recipe here. 

Shop for everything you need here – cacao butter, coconut oil, cashew butter, maple syrup, coconut flour, desiccated coconut.

Raw Cacao Butter Chocolate Bark – Eat Drink Paleo

Raw Cacao Butter Chocolate Bark Looking for something super simple to whip up that will go a long way? Chocolate bark is your answer! This one is loaded with pepitas, flaked almonds and raisins, but you could mix and match your favourite fruit, nut and seed combinations. Try dried cranberries, sunflower seeds & pistachios, hazelnut, buckwheat and dried fig, or pecans and sundried banana chunks!

Find the recipe here. 

Shop for everything you need here – cacao butter, raw cacao powdermaple syrupHimalayan salt, vanilla, pumpkin seeds, flaked almonds, coconut flakes, raisins.

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse – Raw Revive

Raspberry Dark Chocolate MousseThis mousse is absolutely heaven if you’re looking for something a little more layered and decadent than the first mousse we posted. This recipe is gluten free, dairy free and easy to put together, but still feels extra special!

Find the recipe here. 


Shop for everything you need here – raw cacao powder, coconut syrupcoconut oilvanilla, Himalayan salt, cayenne powder.

Carob, Walnut and Teff Muffins with Tahini Frosting – Nirvana Cakery

Wanut, Teff, Carob Muffins There are some people whose idea of heavenly treats who will ALWAYS be baked goods, but there’s no reason those treats can’t be healthy!

These gorgeous muffins are loaded with protein, iron and made from all natural ingredients.

Find the recipe here. 


Shop for everything you need here – walnutscarob powder, coconut sugar, bicarb sodabaking powdercinnamonHimalayan salt, coconut oil, dates, tahini.


Honourable mentions from some of our favourite contributors

Buckwheat and Blueberry Pancakes – Perfect for breakfast in bed!

Chocolate Zucchini Brownies – Bake up a storm with this super simple and delicious brownie recipe from Food Matters.

Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake – This raw cheesecake is a little more involved than our other recipes, but absolutely set to impress!

Radically Raw Rocky Road – If you’ve got a lover who LOVES rocky road, try out this healthy version on them.

Raw Strawberry Cheesecake – Georgia’s strawberry cheesecake is loaded with love!

Rich & Decadent Chocolate Tart – We LOVE Danielle’s heavenly, rich chocolate tart for a treat that a few people can share.

Salted Caramel Bliss Balls – These little bites are perfect to pack into a beautiful little jar for treats you can deliver.

Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding – Feel like something warming on Valentines? We love this self saucing pudding!


About The Author

Kate Parker

Kate Parker is a high school teacher, social media editor and passionate vegan foodie. Kate writes for her own blog Newcastle Vegan Guide as well as contributing to The Wholefood Collective. She loves showing how varied, creative and healthy, plant-based eating can be, and has taken every opportunity given to her in her 10 years of veganism to show off her cooking prowess. Kate has catered events large and small, ensuring that food provided is cruelty free and gentle on the planet.

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