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So we survived hosting an early Christmas lunch for Jordan’s family of 38 over the weekend.  

It was fabulous actually. It was the least stressful Christmas lunch in a long time. I made a bunch of Christmas recipes, mostly ahead of time.  

Here’s my review of the Christmas recipes I made, in the hopes it might help some of you with your Christmas menu planning. xo  

My 3 biggest reasons for success…

  1. I didn’t attempt to be responsible for feeding everybody. They all brought along food to share. And that’s half the beauty of Christmas in my opinion! Everyone contributing and sharing and appreciating.
    But of course… being surrounded by beautiful wholefood Christmas recipes here at TWC, I was busting to make more than I was personally required to!

  2. Secondly, I made almost everything in advance. All I really had to do the morning of, was to cook some rice and have fun decorating with the kids!

  3. I chose simple recipes.

Ok, here’s the review! Click the image of each recipe to see the recipe.

Pomegranate salad

I’ve made this salad for the last 3 special occasions I’ve been to, and it never disappoints! It’s so different, and looks quite fancy. The flavour combinations are unusual and soooo good! With the pops of red pomegranate, it’s the perfect special Christmas salad.

Make in advance:
Make the dressing
Chop the almonds
Everything except cooking the rice (to avoid drying out overnight)

Jewelled Persian Rice Salad

Nut Roast

I made this for Jordan’s uncle who doesn’t eat meat, but it was just as popular with the meat lovers!

This was prepared in advance (read: chuck all ingredients into a bowl and mix), popped in the fridge in the loaf pan, ready to go into the oven 1.5hrs before lunch. The sauce was made in advance and simply heated before serving.

Highly recommended!

Kombucha Ice Pops

These were made entirely by our 13yo who loves kombucha. They were a massive hit with all the adults, and some of the kids.

Made completely in advance. Just pop them out of the freezer, and onto a plate of ice to serve.

Mango Elderflower Tonicka Kombucha Ice Blocks

Peanut Butter Fudge

I’m sure you’ve heard me sing it’s praises enough already. Love it. Made 2 weeks in advance, ha!

Peanut Butter Fudge

Chocolate Crackle Christmas Trees

I make these every year, because they’re so quick and easy to make and besides being appealing for the kids, they make a great table centrepiece!

Made completely in advance. Just have a piece of cardboard on hand to make the mould.

Chocolate Crackle Christmas Trees

Roasted Spiced Chickpea Salad

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve made this over the years. I don’t add the spinach to it because I like it spicy and crunchy.

Make in advance:
Lemon dressing
Spice mix

Pomegranate Raspberry Snow Cones

Although I won’t say these are healthy per se, they’re free of all the numbers and horrid stuff you’ll find in regular snow cones.

I’m glad I doubled the recipe, because we’re still enjoying them this week . 😉

The kids are loving it.

Make the syrup in advance and store in the fridge (in a squeezie bottle – I used a tomato sauce one, and yes it caused some surprised and disgusted facial expressions on the kids when they thought I was squirting tom sauce on their snow cone, ha!)

Christmas Chutney

A winner as an accompaniment to roast chicken or a cheese board.

I made this about 3 weeks in advance 😉

Christmas Chutney

I also made some beetroot hommus, homemade Magnums, and white chocolate mousse logs. They were nice, but not stand-outs, so I won’t list the recipes here.

For my side of the family’s Christmas gathering next week, I’ll be making these puppies that I saw had a good review in the group….

Healthy Ferrero Rochers

Choc Hazelnut Truffle Header

Want more Christmas recipe inspiration?

Head here:

Now, I’ve gotta say, I was equally in love with the simple Christmas decorations we went for (decided on the day before – that’s how we roll).

  1. For the tables:
    Greenery from outside
  2. For the name place card things:
    Sprigs of rosemary, with little red bows attaching the piece of white cardboard our daughter had written their name on.
  3. For the chairs:
    Thick plain red ribbon, tied in a bow around each dining chair. So simple and sooo effective! It made the room feel so festive and put together. I’ll keep them for years to come.

I wish I’d taken more pictures! The pictures I DO have, have lots of other people’s children in them so I can’t share publicly here 🙁

Happy Christmas everybody! I hope something here helps you in your planning.

Remember, keep the main thing the main thing – enjoy yourself and each other.

Laini xo

About The Author

Laini Oldfield

Laini Oldfield ~ Founder, The Wholefood Collective

Trying to eat nutrient-dense food free of pesticides and additives was driving Laini, Jordan and their 5 kids nuts! So the Wholefood Collective (TWC) was born. Started from their garage for their own family, TWC now makes whole foods ‘doable’ for every Aussie family, through access to highly vetted, home delivered, organic whole foods at big savings.

Her favourite part of the job though? Supporting people with simple solutions to get robust nutrition happening at their place.

Laini's biggest achievement is bringing her own family across the line, but she's also personally helped over 13,000 families to better nutrition and energy through TWC's signature 21-Day 'Wholefood My Family' Challenge, and at live workshops.

With a particular interest in using food to help achieve specific health goals (functional food), and strategies to boost nutrition in family meals without being 'detected', Laini loves discovering more about the powerful force for good that food can play in our lives, and then putting that to work.

Laini's goal is to see more Aussies thrive with clear minds, plenty of energy, stable moods, and robust immunity, through the nourishment that comes to body and mind through real food.

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