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Our ingredient policy.

Shop confident with our highly vetted range.

General Inspection

Additives Check

Nutrition Check

Naturopath Check

Toxins Check

Our Expert Product Vetting Panel makes sure you only get the best.

We love nourishing whole food, and clean nasty-free products. Does our family eat perfect 100% of the time? No we don’t. We have children, and they have Grandparents 😉 Wherever you’re at on your journey, you can shop here knowing the food is super nourishing, and all our products are nasty-free legit goodness. Our Expert Product Vetting Panel is how we do it.


1. General Inspection

The TWC Team checks ingredients, origins, supplier ethos and more.  We are passionate, discerning and champion of the organic wholefood lifestyle.  What makes it through this first cull? Products without labelled additives, preservatives, gums, thickeners, MSG, GMO, artificial colours… you get the picture. We prioritise Certified Organic, Aussie grown, Aussie businesses.  We also offer spray free, conventional or overseas product when Aussie organic doesn’t exist, is too scarce or too expensive due to seasonal shortages.

2. Nasties Check

Additive Free Advocate Francine Bell gives the Squeaky Clean Food Guarantee. All products are put through the wringer by a world leader in additive detection (true story – Francine is an advisor to the Global Anti Additive Organisation, and wow is she thorough!). Think additives are just numbers? Think again. Francine checks for all the additives that aren’t listed as additives, or even declared on labels. She’s had us asking the same supplier sometimes 4 times over for information and then more information on processing methods and sub ingredients. She leaves no stone unturned, and we’re proud to have her scrutiny on the panel. She errs on the side of caution for particularly sensitive people, and products she recommends are given the ‘Additive Free Kids Approved’ stamp of approval.

Francine Bell – Additive Free Kids

Francine Bell is the Managing Director of Additive Free Kids, a food coach, mentor and is one of Australia’s leading activists against additives in foods. In fact, she’s an Advisor to the Global Anti Additive Organisation! True story. Francine is a mum to 5 boys and has personal experience working through the damaging effects of additives to resolve the multiple health issues and behavioural problems in her own children.  Francine has done all the hard work for families to ensure they have access to additive free food, anytime, anywhere.

3. Nutrition Review

Food Matters in-house Nutritionist Rachel Morrow confirms 100% wholesomeness.  Rachel gives each product the third degree to ensure that each product gives our bodies the nutrient goodness it needs to thrive.

Rachel Morrow – Food Matters

Rachel is a qualified Nutritionist at Food Matters.  Food Matters are renowned for their stance on how much the right foods matter to our physical, mental and emotional health.  An international phenomenon hailing from the Sunshine Coast in QLD, millions of people benefit from their wellness education and inspiration daily.  As forerunners in the crusade for awareness, we’re honoured to have Food Matters making sure our food is top notch.  Products approved for thriving have the Food Matter Approved logo on them.

4. Taste Test

TWC team members savour for flavour.  And yes, we do reject some products at this point.  

There you have it.  Shop confident the food is triple vetted and incredible for you.