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100% Pure Chlorella Tablets, Australian & Organic

150 tablets

100% Pure Chlorella Tablets, Australian & Organic

150 tablets

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  • Ingredients

    100% Pure Australian Grown Organic Chlorella

  • Description

    Chlorella is one of the oldest and most nutritious plant life forms on earth. It's an edible microalgae which is scientifically proven to help detoxify the body from heavy metals, fight cancer cells and improve general well-being. Chlorella is also one of the highest plant sources of protein, amino acids, omega-3, omega-6, B12 and iron.

    Biogenesis produces the world's only Certified Australian-grown chlorella products, harvested in the pristine spring waters of Northern Queensland. Biogenesis chlorella is 100% free from any pesticides, herbicides, fillers and bulking agents & we believe it's the purest chlorella in the world!

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