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Activated Nut & Seed Trail Mix

500g bag

Activated Nut & Seed Trail Mix

500g bag

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  • Ingredients

    Australian Pecans*, Australian Raw Almonds Spray Free, Australian Walnuts Spray Free, Pepitas*, Dried Diced Apple*, Australian Sultanas*, Australian Sunflower Seeds*, Hazelnuts*, Dark Chocolate Chips* [Organic Cocoa Mass, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Cocoa Powder]

    *Certified Organic Ingredient

  • Description

    A mix of the most fibre-rich nuts and seeds that we've lovingly activated for you, blended by hand with organic dried apple and sultanas, with a sprinkling of organic dark chocolate chips. Perfect to keep at your desk, in the kitchen for a quick snack, or even in the car for whenever you're peckish and want to avoid those servo snacks!

    Why activate?

    Nuts and seeds are one of those foods that loads of people have trouble digesting. Think bloating, gas, heart burn... It's because they have some enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. Those guys can stop us absorbing minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium! Now, when you're making the effort to ensure you're flooding your body with nutrients, not being able to absorb them is the last thing you want!

    The reason these ‘anti-nutrients’ exist is to keep the nuts and seeds from sprouting until nature delivers the sun and rain they need to grow. Soaking tells them it’s time to shine, and although it might sound strange to us with our modern habits, it’s how traditional cultures prepared and ate nuts, seeds, legumes and grains for thousands of years.

    After soaking, they're gently dehydrated below 40 degrees celcius to retain all those beautiful nutrients.

    Why fibre-rich nuts and seeds?

    Fibre has 5 super powers. Eating a fibre-rich snack each day will help fibre to do its jobs!

    1. Supports hormone health

    2. Supports healthy weight management & balances cholesterol

    3. Feeds your beneficial microbes and contributes to a robust & diverse microbiome. Fibre is like throwing fertiliser on your microbiome "lawn".

    4. Supports easy to pass stools & healthy digestion

    5. Helps control insulin spikes, blood sugar & cravings.

    Gut health guru Kirsty Wirth advises we need well over 35g of fibre each day, but so few people actually achieve that number.

    What's so great about nuts and seeds anyway?

    Nuts and seeds are good sources of fibre. About 30g of nuts and seeds (about a palm full) will give you around 3g of fibre.

    Please don’t forget the seeds! People generally reach for nuts way more than they do seeds. Paediatric Naturopath Jess Donovan teaches that seeds contain 4 out of 5 essential nutrients for kids. And yes, those same nutrients are essential for us adults too.

    We’re talking:

    For immunity, brain and gut health, and growth and repair.

    For Immunity & transporting all these critical nutrients & oxygen around the body.

    For over 300 biochemical reactions in the body - including energy production, stress management, muscle health, healthy sleep, boosting lipolysis (the process through which the body releases fat from its stores), and helping to flush out those gunky toxins in the morning.

    Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    For brain and heart health, as well as supporting stable moods and natural liver cleansing.

    And nuts and seeds are loaded with all 4 of them! As well as both soluble and insoluble fibre, which we know is great for supporting every-day detoxing.

    One serve of this mix will give an average woman leading an average lifestyle around:

    34% Vitamin E needs for the day

    21% Zinc

    15% Protein

    14% Fibre

    As well as a contribution to many other valuable nutrient requirements for the day.

    Enjoy this lovingly created & delicious blend of fibre-rich activated nuts & seeds!

  • Allergen Statement

    This product is naturally gluten and soy free. Please bear in mind that we do pack a wide range of natural food products on shared equipment including nuts, seeds, grains and cereals. This includes sesame, peanuts, soy and gluten. While we do our best to avoid any kind of cross contamination, this can occasionally occur and any of our products may contain traces of these, unless we have specified the product is otherwise certified.

  • Organic Disclaimer

    TWC source some of these products as Certified Organic (spec sheets available on request). We then pack them down in a yet-to-be-certified organic facility. This means they can't be sold as Certified Organic (just 'Organic'). We're in the process of gaining our very own organic certification and expect this will be complete by mid 2021. It's then that these very same high quality organic products will gain their 'certified' status on the TWC website. The product is no different whatsoever and the pack down area uses all organic cleaning agents. Clear as mud? ;)

  • Meet the Supplier

    Meet the collection of premium, nourishing foods by The Wholefood Collective.

    A diverse group of high-quality pantry staples at the best prices possible.

    Since our mission is to make healthy living easy and affordable, we curated this line with our core values in mind—spanning from simplicity, quality and nutrition, to social impact, the environment and supporting Aussie growers.

    Now you can stock up big time on whole, real foods that serve your body and your mind. Every day staples like nuts, flours and seeds, along with fancy superfoods, spices and more!


    - Organic products available at the best prices possible

    - Rigorous sourcing and vetting practices to bring you the highest-quality products

    - Around 100 products in categories ranging from oils and flours, to pasta and dried fruits, with more in development.

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