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Almond Butter, Australian – Freshly Ground

2kg tub

Almond Butter, Australian – Freshly Ground

2kg tub
3.50 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)

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  • Ingredients

    Dry Roasted Almonds.

    Proudly 100% Australian grown.

  • Description

    Our freshly ground almond butter is a delicious spread made from dry roasted almonds—no additives at all. Emulsifier free, the product is therefore susceptible to oil separation so contents should be stirred prior to use (or refrigerated to reduce separation after opening). Almond butter is high in monounsaturated fats, calcium, potassium, iron and manganese. It is considered a good source of riboflavin, phosphorous and copper and an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium and fibre. Almond spread also provides dietary protein.

    Add to it to your smoothies and cereal, use it in your gluten free baking, spread it on toast, drizzle over apple slices, or eat it right out of the jar—this almond butter is simply sublime. Plus, since every spoonful includes a solid serving of protein and healthy fats, you can feel good about indulging in this creamy spread.

    Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, refrigerate to reduce the amount of oil separation. Stir before use.

  • Allergen Statement

    Although some of Dancourt's products may be gluten free, coeliacs should be aware that they are packed in a warehouse that also has gluten products and is not gluten free certified.

  • Meet The Supplier

    Daily Essentials is the name given to Dancourt's own whole foods. Dancourt has been based on the Sunshine Coast near Laini and Jordan for over 10 years. Over time, Dancourt has become well known for quality products.

    Dancourt deal with the highest quality products from specially selected suppliers all over the world, including organic, gluten-free and specialty health foods. For your peace of mind, Dancourt has ACO & HACCP accreditation which ensures vigorous quality control, staff training and hygiene standards and is audited annually by an independent company.

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2 reviews for Almond Butter, Australian – Freshly Ground

  1. 3 out of 5


    I found it a little dry (even after a good stir) but absolutely delicious!

  2. 4 out of 5


    It is a bit thick and hard to spread but tastes amazing so would purchase again

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