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Black Garlic, Peeled Cloves, Organic

40g bag

Black Garlic, Peeled Cloves, Organic

40g bag

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  • Ingredients

    100% organic peeled garlic cloves from Sumatra, Indonesia.

  • Description

    Black garlic cloves are loaded with powerful antioxidants, which can prevent premature ageing and chronic disease. More that 250 clinical studies have been conducted on aged garlic—results indicate it can normalise blood sugar levels, improve heart health and boost the immune system.

    The benefits are phenomenal, with black garlic containing double the antioxidants of regular white garlic. This is due to the fermentation method used to make black garlic cloves. Known as a Maillard reaction, when a chemical reaction takes place between reducing sugars and amino acids. The result is delicious and can be used to reduce or assist blood pressure, lower cholesterol, fight cancer & leukaemia, lose weight, reduce inflammation, fight chronic disease or illness, reduce liver damage and even protect the brain from MSG.

    A study in 2012 showed that black garlic had a more powerful effect on stimulating immunity than raw garlic. This is because of the antioxidants found in black garlic which fight free radicals, reducing inflammation and preventing oxidative damage to your cells. Further, garlic appears to enhance the functioning of the immune system by stimulating certain cell types, such as macrophages, lymphocytes & natural killer (NK) cells:


    Black garlic’s taste is far more palatable the raw garlic. It doesn’t require cooking or produce bad breath like regular garlic. This quality makes it easy to be consumed daily as a versatile traditional medicine. Alternatively black garlic can be cooked or added to food according to taste.

  • Meet the Supplier

    Empathy Herbal

    The idea for a company started one hot, smoky day in Medan, Sumatra during the 2015 slash-and-burn season, when Jim met De. They bonded over a healthy Jamu brew, in a traditional Indonesian warung, sharing experiences of their travels and a passion for nature, health and history. Their mutual gratitude of traditional medicines, and disappointment that these natural remedies were largely underappreciated in Western culture, led them to develop Empathy Herbal.

    Why Empathy Herbal?
    Empathy Herbal are an ethical Australian company, true to their beliefs in organic, sustainable farming and fair-trade. They offer Jamu, organic herbs from the Karo Provence in Northern Sumatra. A beautiful and remote region with a rich farming history, abundant natural spring water and nutrient-rich volcanic soil.

    Empathy Herbal is passionate about providing a natural, chemical free alternative to improve and restore health. Their satisfaction guarantee is a testament to the purity of our products.

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