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Blueberry & Cinnamon Pancake Mix, Gluten Free & Organic Ingredients

200g bag

Blueberry & Cinnamon Pancake Mix, Gluten Free & Organic Ingredients

200g bag

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  • Ingredients

    Buckwheat flour, organic arrowroot flour, aluminium free baking powder, freeze dried 100% Australian blueberry powder (the equivalent of up to 226 average sized blueberries*), cinnamon powder.

    Proudly made in Australia.

  • Description

    Bake Mixes have added 100% pure Australian grown freeze dried blueberry powder to these pancakes and a touch of ground cinnamon to enhance the sweetness of the berries! Best of all, there's absolutely no sugar so you can sweeten the recipe just the way you like it - add fresh fruit to the mix or drown them in maple syrup - the choice is yours!

    They've made the mix so it can be served thick, like an American style hotcake, or thinned out to make a more crepe style pancake.

    We love these pancakes made 'as instructed' and then topped with extra fresh blueberries, coconut yoghurt and lashings of maple syrup! YUM!

    One mix will make around 6-9 thick pancakes, dependent on size. One packet is perfect to make a gorgeous breakfast for two - or as a healthy breakfast treat for the kids.

    Just add

    1 cup of milk (nut, soy, dairy etc)
    2tbs syrup sweetener (honey, agave, maple etc)
    1tbs liquid oil (hemp, avocado, melted coconut etc)

    *Calculations made in accordance with statistics provided by Super Sprout, the Blueberry Powder provider.

  • Allergen Statement

    Free from gluten, dairy, egg and preservatives.

    The Bake Mixes factory does a full wash down of all equipment before commencing gluten free product production. Products containing gluten are produced in a different ‘run’ to avoid any cross contamination. However, coeliacs should be aware that Bake Mixes are not gluten free certified.

  • Meet The Supplier

    Bake Mixes is owned by former Masterchef Australia contestant, Renae Smith.

    Renae has travelled the world teaching healthy, plant based recipes to people from Australia to Africa, and India to Italy. On her travels, Renae realised there was a need for access to quick, easy and wholesome options when looking to nourish yourself, or your family.

    Renae took over the Bake Mixes brand in 2018 and has worked hard to create a large range of healthy solutions for the time poor. From school lunches to mid-afternoon snacks in the office, the Bake Mixes range is designed to be convenient and customisable, with most products working with any choice of milk (soy, nut, dairy, etc) and sweetener (honey, maple, agave, etc) and oils (coconut, olive, rapeseed etc)

    To ensure Bake Mixes would also be good for those who suffer with food sensitivity, the products are also wheat free, egg free, dairy free and refined sugar-free. Bake Mixes are 100% committed to using high quality whole ingredients, many of which are organic and locally sourced, offering complete assurance of quality with every pack.

    We are proud to mention that all Bake Mixes' products are made and packed in Australia with the Endeavour Foundation, an independent organisation established in 1951 with a vision to support people with an intellectual disability to live their best life – starting with equal access to education and life-skills learning.

    Then, once mixed, products are then distributed to retailers using recycled cartons and a 100% carbon neutral courier service. This simple practice and our continued consciousness of the Australian environment helps reduce the Bake Mixes carbon footprint.

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