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Cacao Melts, Certified Organic & Fair Trade

500g bag

Cacao Melts, Certified Organic & Fair Trade

500g bag

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  • Ingredients

    100% Organic Cacao.

  • Description


    Organic, wholefood chocolate – no nasties, just real food. Having long known that organic, natural chocolate can be good for you, Cyndi (founder of Changing Habits) wanted to make her own good-quality chocolate using real products free from oils, preservatives and additives. That’s why they made these Cacao Melts. They contain nutrients such as magnesium, iron and zinc and are easy to cook with – you can make homemade chocolates, drinks, ganache, fruit covered in chocolate, cakes, chocolate chip cookies, icings…the list is endless. Or just enjoy as a guilt-free snack!

    Did you know that most chocolate is made with hydrogenated vegetable oils, additives, preservatives, colours, flavours, powdered milk solids, soy, protein isolates, lecithin and much more? And that, in fact, some chocolate has no chocolate whatsoever…it’s all fake?! Sick of eating this poor-quality chocolate (literally), Cyndi set out to make her own chocolate but struggled to find good ingredients that didn’t break the bank. She knew that the cacao butter was extracted from the cacao powder and wanted to try using the chocolate before this process. So, her husband Howard went off in search for this product, finally tracking down the good stuff in South America.

    For farmers and workers, Fairtrade means...

    Prices that aim to cover the average costs of producing their crop sustainably – a vital safety net when market prices drop

    The Fairtrade Premium – an extra sum of money paid on top of the selling price to invest in business or community projects of their choice

    Decent working conditions and a ban on discrimination, forced labour and child labour

    Access to advance credit ahead of harvest time

    Being able to plan more for the future with more security and stronger relationships with buyers

    Try using these Cacao Melts to make flavoured chocolates with pure essential oils, drinks, ganache, fruit covered in chocolate, cakes, chocolate chip cookies, icings and more. Our cacao beans are simply gently roasted, crushed and tempered and the liquified cacao is then conveniently shaped into melts and brought to room temperature. Delicious!

    Note: These Cacao Melts are sugar free, which allows you to choose your own sweetener.

    Changing Habits Cacao Melts can be used for all of your recipes that call for cacao. Please note: This is a temperature sensitive product. During the hotter periods of October to April, products are prone to melting. Please order at your discretion. We do not recommend leaving these products outdoors for any periods of time.

  • Meet The Supplier

    At Changing Habits, they believe that educating people about whole food is the key to a rebellion.

    They believe that everyone has a right to understand what makes food healthy.

    They believe that when we know better, we eat better.
    When we eat better, we live better.
    And when we live better, we create a ripple effect that impact generations to come.

    They know that everyone wants to eat healthfully.
    They know that most people know that eating healthy is important.
    And they know that on the surface, this should be an easy proposition for most people… And yet, too many people are suffering.

    Changing Habits do it because, in the end, they truly do believe we are what we eat.

    It’s why they remain committed to making only healthy, wholesome foods without the fancy marketing speak.

    They do it because they believe we deserve to have confidence that the healthy foods we eat, should actually be what they say are — healthy.

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