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Cocoa Powder, Certified Organic & Fair Trade

500g bag

Cocoa Powder, Certified Organic & Fair Trade

500g bag

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  • Ingredients

    Organic Cocoa Powder

  • Description

    Organic Times' Dutch-process Cocoa Powder is certified organic and fair trade, proudly grown & harvested in the Dominican Republic under the Rapunzel 'Hand-In-Hand' fair trade program. It is dutch-process for an extra smooth taste and less-bitter flavour and a good source of antioxidants.

    Pure sustainable cocoa goodness.

    For more on our dutch-process cocoa powder – check out the blog article – Cocoa vs Cacao: What is the difference?


  • Allergen Statement

    Organic Times are HACCP certified and follow key principles as per the Gluten Free Standard for Australian Food Service Providers provided by Coeliac Australia.


    - source gluten free ingredients and products

    - segregate ingredients during storage, food handling and display.

    - ensure only gluten free products are packed after the cleaning of equipment and packing room to a high standard of hygiene to prevent cross-contamination.

    - staff adhere to mandatory hygiene requirements to prevent cross-contamination.

    - verify via product specifications and product testing for the presence of gluten through a certified testing lab (ALS Global).

  • Meet the Supplier

    “We dreamt of bringing a more natural, organic alternative to the confectionary market. With just enough capital and loads of passion, that dream came true, Organic Times was born."

    That was back in ’99 and ever since Organic Times have been genuinely focused on promoting organics, encouraging sustainable living and providing delicious, quality treats the whole family can enjoy.

    We all enjoy a sweet treat from time-to-time and considering the many artificial additives, GMOs, and other expendable food processes we are unwittingly subjected to, they wanted to provide a range of quality, fair-trade chocolate products that not only taste delicious but are made from certified organic ingredients that are not only better for us, but for Mother Nature too.

    Practicing sustainable methods, focusing on low processing and supporting organic farming and organic ingredients, Organic Times have a no-nonsense approach to providing quality products that speak for themselves — we won’t tell you how good they are, as you’ll be glad to find out for yourself.

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