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Coconut Syrup, Certified Organic

250ml bottle

Coconut Syrup, Certified Organic

250ml bottle
  • Biodynamic

    Certified Organic


    Gluten Free Certified

    Spray Free


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  • Ingredients

    Evaporated organic coconut sap.

  • Description

    TopwiL Organic Coconut Syrup is made from sustainably grown, organically certified coconut farms in Sri Lanka. Sap collected from coconut blossoms is slow cooked and concentrated into syrup. This product is a low-GI sweetener for day-to-day use.

    Low-GI Sweetener
    Made from Natural Organic Coconut Sap
    Slow Cooked
    Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

  • Allergen Statement

    Topwil don’t have any gluten containing products on the premises at all, so there is virtually no risk of cross-contamination on site. Although coeliacs should be aware that Topwil are not gluten free certified.

  • Meet The Supplier

    TopwiL Organic is committed to providing customers with the finest quality food they can procure. Like TWC, they firmly believe that everyone has the right to eat healthy, nourishing food, produced with the utmost care, free from any harmful processes and additives.

    TopwiL enjoy a unique position in the market due to their close relationship with not only the processors of their products, but also the primary producers. This allows an unparalleled focus on quality and consistency. TopwiL consult with their growers to obtain exactly the produce needed, at the ideal time for harvest and processing. This approach is abundantly obvious in the quality of their products. TopwiL Love flavour, and will not compromise on Quality!

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