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Coconut Water – Raspberry Sparkling, Organic (BPA Free)

320ml can

Coconut Water – Raspberry Sparkling, Organic (BPA Free)

320ml can

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  • Ingredients

    Organic Coconut Water, Organic Raspberry Juice (not from concentrate), Carbon Dioxide, Citric Acid

    Please note that the citric acid in this coconut water is derived from citrus, not a fungus like most of the citric acid you'll find added to food and drinks. The fungus most often used is Aspergillus Niger, which may be genetically modified (GM). The fungus is combined with a substrate made from corn, which could also be GM. Not in here though, 100% natural goodness only!

  • Description

    Order Limit: 12 cans (1 Case) per customer.

    Laini: "I've tried a few brands of coconut waters, and when my mother in law Susannah (member care – you may have spoken with her before) came home from the markets with Coco Coast coconut water in hand, jumping out of her skin about how it tasted amazing and was simply the bees knees, it wasn't long before I too was praising it's yumminess and shouting from the rooftops either. When I quizzed the proud and passionate creator Damian, he said the secret all lies in where he sources the green coconuts from – a special little place in Vietnam where the conditions are 'just right' to produce coconuts with water that tastes, well, in my professional opinion, amazeballs. And you know you're onto a winner with the kids are wrestling to get to the last can in the fridge!"

    Coco Coast believe the best way to good health is through great taste and are proud to launch Australia's first natural sparkling coconut water. This natural coconut water contains no added sugar or preservatives, and is naturally fat- and cholesterol-free. Pure and delicious hydration sourced from 100% young, juicy green coconuts. Packaged in a BPA-free can. It's a little bit spesh.

  • Meet The Supplier

    Coco Coast are one of our favourite suppliers of natural coconut water. Sourced from 100% juicy green coconuts from Vietnam (because that’s where they grow best), Coco Coast are a fully Australian owned company who love their coconuts.

    Free from preservatives, cholesterol, added sugar, gluten and dairy, Coco Coast Coconut Water is our version of #perfection.

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