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Cordial Pourer With Lid

1 x pourer

Cordial Pourer With Lid

1 x pourer

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  • Description

    Essential to any home and of course paired perfectly with Roar Living's cordials are these pourers.

    The suppliers of these pourers with lids are a family business who established themselves in 1978 in Sydney then relocated to the Gold Coast.

    We love these pourers as they come inclusive of caps to make pouring so much easier and cleaner. No mess, no drips, no spillage!

    Simply soak in warm, soapy water, rinse and air dry.
    Please note, they are NOT dishwasher safe.

    When your Roar Living cordial bottle is empty, simply wash, dry & re-use as a water bottle or make a salad dressing... and don't forget to place your pourer on your bottle!

    We are committed to looking after the globe and the animals and humans that inhabit it. The average Australian sends 200kg of packaging waste to landfill every year – we want to change that, and are therefore trying to phase out all non-compostable and non-recyclable packaging. This means that some of our products (including this one) will be sent to you ‘nude’, just as you see in the product images. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience – we are also partial to fancy packaging.

  • Materials

    BPA-Free Plastic & Metal

  • Meet the Supplier

    Maria Assatourian, founder of Roar Living™, has had a passion for food and fresh produce since she was very young. Around 2012, Maria decided to bring about a positive change in the marketplace, to produce all-natural products that supports the welfare and wellness of everyone. A product that is healthy, affordable, wholesome and an Australian made alternative. Roar's packaging reflects the love and respect of Earth's beauty. Using glass bottles which easily are re-usable or recyclable, minimising ecological impact and footprints.

    Maria had always loved the Middle Eastern custom of offering your guests 'sharbat'', a delicious, thirst-quenching refreshment having its genesis in ancient times where it was served to revivify the traveller weary from the oppressive desert heat. In a nod to her Iranian heritage and with her years in the kitchen adding to her knowledge, Assatourian was inspired to create a delicious range of jewel-hued cordials, her own version of 'sharbat'.

    Here on the sunny Gold Coast, Maria meticulously laid the foundations for what was to become the fabulous and fruity Roar Living™ that we know and love today, while simultaneously keeping alive the traditions of those who came before her.

    The Roar Living™ range is made fresh from Australian produce and is wholly manufactured in Australia, overseen from start to finish under the watchful eye of Maria.

    Roar Living™ - the heightened experiences in life.

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