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Inca Inchi Oil, Certified Organic

250ml bottle

Inca Inchi Oil, Certified Organic

250ml bottle

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  • Ingredients

    Organic Cold Pressed Inca Inchi Oil.

  • Description


    Changing Habits' Inca Inchi Oil is derived from a plant native to the Peruvian Amazon region. This versatile oil provides Omega 3 (ALA), 6 and 9 and is ideal as a salad dressing, in smoothies or taken on its own as a food supplement. Additive-free and non-refined, this Inca Inchi Oil is health food that’s actually healthy.

    Cyndi, founder of Changing Habits, wanted to provide an organic, land-based oil that contained Omega 3 (ALA), Omega 6 and Omega 9, without colours, flavours, emulsifiers or deodorants (found in some other oils). Unable to source a suitable oil within Australia, this beautiful Inca Inchi Oil is extracted from the Inca Inchi seed “Plukenetia Volúbilis Linneo” found in the Amazon rainforest. It has 48% omega 3 (ALA) and 84% essential fatty acids. Inca Inchi is a plant that is native to the Peruvian Amazon region. This oil is a virgin cold pressed, additive-free, non-refined vegetable oil. It is processed mechanically using techniques that do not alter the nature, nor the quality of the oil. This oil won gold medals at the European food fair in France for best new culinary oil. Its mild nutty flavour is rapidly becoming a favourite among food lovers around the world!

    Our Inca Inchi Oil can be used in much the same way as you would use extra virgin olive oil – in salad dressings, on vegetables, pasta, to make a mayonnaise, as a dipping sauce, with a vinaigrette or as a replacement for flax seed oil. We do not recommend heating Inca Inchi Oil (to ensure the fatty acids are preserved). Daily intake 10gms.

  • Meet The Supplier

    At Changing Habits, they believe that educating people about whole food is the key to a rebellion.

    They believe that everyone has a right to understand what makes food healthy.

    They believe that when we know better, we eat better.
    When we eat better, we live better.
    And when we live better, we create a ripple effect that impact generations to come.

    They know that everyone wants to eat healthfully.
    They know that most people know that eating healthy is important.
    And they know that on the surface, this should be an easy proposition for most people… And yet, too many people are suffering.

    Changing Habits do it because, in the end, they truly do believe we are what we eat.

    It’s why they remain committed to making only healthy, wholesome foods without the fancy marketing speak.

    They do it because they believe we deserve to have confidence that the healthy foods we eat, should actually be what they say are — healthy.

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