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Magnesium Gel Roll-On, Organic & Australian Sourced

60ml bottle

Magnesium Gel Roll-On, Organic & Australian Sourced

60ml bottle

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  • Ingredients

    Organically Certified Magnesium Chloride, Organically Certified Xanthum Gum.

  • Description

    Magnesium Gel Roll-On
    Amazing Oils' Magnesium Gel Roll-On has quickly risen to be a fan favourite. Made from the same famous organically sourced Magnesium Oil and mixed with a very small amount of organic Xanthan Gum. This creates a gel-like texture without any reduction in the magnesium's effectiveness.

    By helping regulate neuromuscular signals, muscle contractions and balancing calcium levels within the body, magnesium can help muscles relax and contract, easing pain and reducing cramps which may also contribute to problems including constipation, premenstrual syndrome etc as well as pain in overworked muscles.

    Why a Gel Roll-On?
    It is recommended that magnesium is applied via topical application (on the skin), as the majority of magnesium taken orally is lost in the digestive process. The odourless, non oily and convenient gel roll-on makes for the perfect travel companion. Keep it in your handbag, gym bag or the car. If you prefer to keep it at home, try keeping it in the bathroom and using it every day to gain the most benefit from the Amazing Magnesium.

    How Long Will One Bottle Last?
    Each bottle lasts an individual approx 3 months with regular use.

    Australian Made, Sourced and Owned. The Amazing Way.

  • Meet the Supplier


    Amazing Oils are an Australian, family-run company, based on the Sunshine Coast in QLD.

    Originally a family of Yoga teachers, they founded Australia’s most popular Yoga school and held 60 classes a week nationally. It was 2012 when one of their family members was diagnosed with a serious illness that their focus dramatically changed. They devoted themselves to endless hours of research and product testing and eventually discovered a natural solution that has Amazing effects.

    Since then they have been dedicated to helping hundreds of thousands of Australian's with Natural Health Solutions. Their small family grew into an Amazing Team and slowly their Amazing Fan's community developed across Australia through social media, markets and shows.


    After trialling sources from Northern Europe, USA and even Asia, the Amazing Oils team discovered that there was a natural source of Magnesium Oil right here in Australia. Surprisingly it contains no actual oil whatsoever but is an organically registered source of the highest purity available.

    With strict Australian regulations and constant monitoring, Amazing Oils continues to provide incredible, unmatched quality. This Magnesium Oil works quickly leaves no residue on the skin and doesn’t irritate like the other sources that were trialled.

    After giving the finished product to over 4000+ yoga students, the response and demand were overwhelming. Within 12 months the business grew from the kitchen bench to the garage, then to a small shared warehouse and then finally to their own large warehouse premises. This now supports the 3000+ retailers and several countries who offer Amazing Oils.


    It is Amazing Oils' promise to help you achieve a healthier and happier body. We do not want you to buy something that does not add value to your life. Join the millions of people from all over the world and discover why we call this stuff "Amazing".

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