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Pure Food Essentials

Curry Powder Mild, Certified Organic

80g bag
Pure Food Essentials

Curry Powder Mild, Certified Organic

80g bag

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  • Ingredients

    Coriander*, Cumin*, Ginger*, Fenugreek*, Chilli*, Turmeric*, Fennel*, Cardamom*, Black Pepper*, Cinnamon* (*Certified Organic)

  • Description

    Organic Curry Powder (mild) is a blend of 10 essential spices for cooking flavoursome meals. As a milder curry blend, it is used in recipes including vegetables, tofu and fish.

    Organic farming uses no pesticides or artificial fertilisers and works with nature to build the fertility and health of our soil while caring for our environment. Organic farming has a low carbon footprint. Pure and simple, just the way nature intended.

  • Allergen Statement

    All Pure Food Essentials products are naturally gluten free, and none of their suppliers handle any gluten-containing products. However, coeliacs should be aware that the facility is not gluten-free certified.

  • Meet The Supplier

    Pure Food Essentials was born out of a passion for turmeric. After growing this superfood spice organically on his Sunshine Coast hinterland property, founder Peter was inspired to take a trip to India, the natural home of so many spices, to learn more about turmeric production. After three days on tour meeting growers, local farm owners and processors they discovered just how deep the relationships were. Producers helped local farmers gain organic certification, provided education (both agricultural and for the children of growers) and medical support, helped meet transport requirements and offered financial aid during hard times. A true mutual loyalty and trust was formed and today forms the foundation of Pure Food Essentials.

    Today PFE still buys their spices from these same ethical producers. Certified Organic by NASAA (National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia) their products are tracked all the way from their source by strict organic certification practices. Once delivered to the warehouse on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, products undergo a final quality check, ensuring a high quality, fresh product.

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