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Australian Raw Almonds, Spray Free & Unpasteurised

500g bag

Australian Raw Almonds, Spray Free & Unpasteurised

500g bag

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  • Ingredients

    Insecticide Free Australian Almonds. Proudly 100% Australian grown.

  • Description

    These raw and spray free almonds are crunchy with a smooth texture. Their sweet, crisp and plump kernels give them a superior flavour and make them so versatile. Eat them raw as a super nutritious snack, or use them to make almond milk or almond butter.

    Our Australian raw unpasteurised almonds contain an array of nutrients that have outstanding health benefits, particularly for your heart. They are a good source of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, and many other beneficial nutrients such as magnesium, copper, manganese and calcium, which is vital for optimal bone health. Almonds also contain high quantities of iron and zinc, which are essential for energy production and normal bodily function. When almonds are pasteurised, their enzymes are denatured and their life-giving energy inactivated. Unfortunately, just because almonds are labelled as "raw' at the store that doesn't mean that they are unpasteurised... "raw" simply means "not roasted". It's a sad reality that so many raw plant foods in Australia are pasteurised, irradiated and fumigated with damaging checmicals and radioactive frequencies. On the bright side, these beautiful TWC almonds undergo none of the above – raw, unpasteurised and spray free – as nature intended.

  • Allergen Statement

    This product is naturally gluten and soy free. Please bear in mind that we do pack a wide range of natural food products on shared equipment including nuts, seeds, grains and cereals. This includes sesame, peanuts, soy and gluten. While we do our best to avoid any kind of cross contamination, this can occasionally occur and any of our products may contain traces of these, unless we have specified the product is otherwise certified.

  • Meet The Supplier

    Meet the collection of premium, nourishing foods by The Wholefood Collective.

    A diverse group of high-quality pantry staples at the best prices possible.

    Since our mission is to make healthy living easy and affordable, we curated this line with our core values in mind—spanning from simplicity, quality and nutrition, to social impact, the environment and supporting Aussie growers.

    Now you can stock up big time on whole, real foods that serve your body and your mind. Every day staples like nuts, flours and seeds, along with fancy superfoods, spices and more!


    - Organic products available at the best prices possible

    - Rigorous sourcing and vetting practices to bring you the highest-quality products

    - Around 100 products in categories ranging from oils and flours, to pasta and dried fruits, with more in development.

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