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Ceres Organics

Rice Bites, Certified Organic, Sea Salt

100g box
Ceres Organics

Rice Bites, Certified Organic, Sea Salt

100g box

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  • Ingredients

    Brown Jasmine Rice* 94%,|Sunflower Oil*, Natural Sea Salt 1% (*Certified Organic)

  • Description

    At Ceres Organics we believe that the key to great products are great ingredients. That’s why our Rice Bites contain only the good stuff! They’re carefully baked, not fried, and lightly seasoned with organic flavours and spices for a delightful snacking experience full of natural deliciousness. There’s no “nasty’ artificial flavours or preservatives. And they’re gluten-free and vegetarian!

    Each pack contains bite -size crackers in a variety of geometric shapes. Throw into healthy packed lunches or devour straight from the pack!


  • Allergen Statement

    Ceres consider both the bulk ingredient allergen declaration and the potential risk of allergen contamination introduced at the packing/manufacturing facility when labelling their products. If the product carries no warning, this means that there is no advised gluten risk for the ingredients and no gluten contamination risk is present during manufacture or re-packing.

    However, Ceres do not test for gluten allergens unless a gluten free or cross grain claim is made on the bags. If you're coeliac and need 100% assurance, check out the products in our Gluten Free Certified classification here https://thewholefoodcollective.com.au/shop/filters/product_cat/gluten-free-certified-classifications/

  • Meet The Supplier

    From humble beginnings in 1982 – grown from a mum’s simple desire to feed her two boys organic food – Ceres Organics are a premier BioGro certified organic food distributor who believe in promoting the sustainability of the earth and the lovely people on it. They were New Zealand’s very first organic food store, first BioGro certified distributor and first EcoSocial certified company.

    Every step of Ceres Organics production, transportation, manufacturing and storage is certified organic and they’re endlessly passionate about their responsible and ethical sourcing philosophies – consistently sponsoring key social and environmental projects.

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