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Gold Sweet Potato Flour, Australian & Organic

300g bag

Gold Sweet Potato Flour, Australian & Organic

300g bag

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  • Ingredients

    100% Australian Gold Sweet Potatoes.

  • Description

    Natural Evolution's Gold Sweet Potato Flour is a delicious and nutritious gluten free flour made from gold sweet potatoes grown in Tropical North Queensland, Australia. With a wholesome earthy flavour, this gold sweet potato flour is perfect for making instant mashed potato, adding to your baking of bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta, thickening soups, stews, gravy or even adding to your smoothie.

    Sweet potato is naturally remarkably rich in beta carotene, which your body can convert into vitamin A. Vitamin A is known as an anti-inflammatory vitamin because of its critical role in enhancing immune function.

    Made from 100% Australian Gold Sweet Potatoes. This flour has a raw product ratio of 10:1, meaning that just one teaspoon (2.6g) is equivalent to 26g of raw sweet potato!

    Flavour Profile: Sweet Potato Flour has a naturally sweet yet complimentary flavour for both sweet and savoury applications. While it does not taste like a baked sweet potato, it has a very distinct sweet potato taste!

    You may be surprised how much flavour can vary depending on the recipe. What we love about sweet potato flour is that it works to enhance whatever the primary ingredient in a dish is. To tone it down, we blend with more mild flours but do not be afraid to let it shine as the star of the recipe!

    Blend with other Flours: Sweet Potato Flour is great when mixed with nut flours, rice flours and traditional white, wheat or gluten-free all-purpose flours. You can use up to 25% sweet potato flour in recipes as a blend.

  • Allergen Statement

    Natural Evolution are HACCP certified, so all of their products, and products that pass through their site have traceability and testing. The results of the most recent analyses confirm no gluten detected across their whole product range, although coeliacs should be aware that Natural Evolution is not gluten free certified.

  • Meet The Supplier

    Boasting the world’s first and only pharmaceutical grade banana flour factory, Natural Evolution Foods produce a high quality, gluten free banana flour which has numerous health benefits, including assisted prevention of colon cancer and diabetes, promoting weight loss and boosting the immune system.

    Their bananas are grown biodynamically as well as chemical and pesticide free. They believe in an holistic farming approach and their ethical and sustainable growing and manufacturing processes saw them win the 2016 Banksia Sustainability Award.

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