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Wholemeal Spelt Fusilli Pasta, Certified Organic

500g bag

Wholemeal Spelt Fusilli Pasta, Certified Organic

500g bag

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  • Ingredients

    Certified Organic Spelt Flour, Water

  • Description

    Spelt is an ancient grain which is high in fibre, protein and essential nutritients such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. Consuming spelt and other whole grains may improve heart health, aid digestion, reduce the risk of diabetes, and help people achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

    This highly digestible pasta can generally be better tolerated by those who are wheat sensitive. Spelt is not gluten-free, however the gluten found in spelt is a lot easier for some people to digest. 100% whole spelt flour retains all the fibre and nutrients of the whole grain. If you can tolerate the gluten, spelt flour is an excellent alternative to traditional wheat pastas!

    Organic farming uses no pesticides or artificial fertilisers and works with nature to build the fertility and health of our soil while caring for our environment. Organic farming has a low carbon footprint. Pure and simple, just the way nature intended.

  • Meet The Supplier

    "For us eating does not only mean transforming and cooking food,” claims Gino Girolomoni, “It’s much more. It means friendship, brotherhood, beauty, spirituality, companionship.”

    With all of this in mind, the decision to produce organically and without using synthetic chemical substances comes naturally, and this is applied at all times during the cultivation of Girolomoni products, including the storage and processing phases. In organic agriculture, the soil is not a lifeless support, but a living organism that deserves respect. Which is why the problem of fertility is confronted only with organic manure and the problem of weeds by rotating the crops.

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