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Oat and Date and Seed Bars

Oat and Date and Seed Bars

Brenda Janschek | February 23, 2019


I just can’t get enough of dates!


It could have something to do with being Middle Eastern, growing up, a treat usually consisted of a Medjool date with a walnut stuffed inside. So I just love them. Yum!

You’re going to love this oat slice which is a super quick thing to make, totally scrumptious, and perfect for lunch boxes.

This recipe makes a loaf with 10 sliced servings.

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 20 min
Total Time: 30 min



100 grams butter
½ cup coconut sugar (love the caramel flavour it imparts and it goes really well with the dates)
½ cup Medjool dates, chopped
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla powder or extract
1 cup Spelt flour
1 cup oats
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 tablespoon sunflower seeds



1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees.

2. Grease and line a 9 x 22cm loaf tin with parchment paper.

3. Melt butter in small saucepan, once melted keep on very low heat and whisk in the sugar until smooth.

4. Turn heat off, add dates and stir through. I highly recommend dipping the finger in to make sure it tastes ok.

5. Transfer to a large bowl and stir in egg and vanilla.

6. Add flour, oats, chia and sunflower seeds and stir until combined.

7. If mixture appears too wet, add in more oats and flour and stir through

8. Pour into loaf tin and bake for 20 minutes.

9. Cool in pan for 5 minutes, turn out onto a wire rack.

10. Once cool, slice into bars and pop into lunchboxes.



This recipe can be frozen after slicing.

If texture is an issue you can grind up the sunflower and chia seeds before adding to the mixture.


Check out more fantastic recipes, online courses and wellness blogs on Brenda’s website.

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Pink Chia Pudding

Pink Chia Pudding

Alyce Alexandra | February 20, 2019


I am a big fan of anything that can be made in advance, especially when it comes to breakfast! This one is a favourite of mine, particularly during the week. Make it before bed and enjoy a healthy breakfast on the go in the morning. Chia seeds are full of protein and fibre so they really keep you full until lunch.

This recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and makes 4 servings of chia pudding.



100g fresh or frozen raspberries
20g rapadura sugar or xylitol (optional)
400g can coconut milk
60g chia seeds
Your choice of toppings (fresh fruit, dried fruit, coconut, nuts, seeds, buckwheat groats,  cacao nibs etc)



1. Place raspberries and sugar or xylitol in a food processor for 10 seconds, or until smooth.

2. Add coconut milk, process til combined.

3. Add chia seeds, process for 5 seconds.

4. Divide coconut mixture among 4 jars or bowls. Sprinkle with toppings. Refrigerate overnight.

Enjoy straight out of the jar or bowl in the morning.


Variation: Replace raspberries with mango or banana for a tropical twist.


Find more of Alyce’s fantastic whole food Thermomix recipes on her website.


Share your breakfast creations with us on Instagram with #myTWC


Zingy Nectarine Maca Smoothie Bowl

Zingy Nectarine Maca Smoothie Bowl

Kate Parker | February 19, 2019


Smoothie bowls are still a fave at this time of year for a quick, cooling breakfast or delicious healthy dessert.

This one is pumped full of delicious superfood extras that make it a total winner in the morning to charge you throughout the day.


Smoothie Ingredients

1.5 frozen bananas
1 nectarine, roughly chopped
1 tsp vanilla
1 heaped tsp maca (high in vitamin C, copper & iron)
1 scoop of 180Nutrition Coconut Protein powder
A splash of water or almond milk, if needed.

Topping Ingredients

Puffed Millet (iron, protein, fibre, calcium & magnesium)
Pepitas (Healthy fats, potassium, magnesium, & calcium)
Hemp seeds (Omega 3, Omega 6, protein, fibre)
Crystalized ginger (optional: anti-inflammatory & antioxidant)


1. Process all smoothie ingredients together in a food processor or high powered blender.

2. Top with topping and enjoy immediately!



If you’re on the go and don’t have time for a fancy smoothie bowl just chuck the whole lot in the blender with 2 cups of water, coconut water or almond milk to make 2 delicious smoothies.


Share your smoothie bowl creation with us on Instagram with #myTWC!



‘Nourish Me’ Breakfast Smoothie

‘Nourish Me’ Breakfast Smoothie

180 Nutrition | February 17, 2019


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies have confirmed that if you have a balanced nutritious breakfast you will make better nutritional decisions throughout the day. This smoothie gives you plenty of good fats to fuel your brain, will balance your blood sugar levels and give you a balanced breakfast to start your day.

Best of all, it only takes 2 minutes to make and will keep you going all morning. And with the added fibre in the 180 Superfood, it helps aid your digestion on a regular basis.

This recipe makes one smoothie.



½ avocado
2 heaped tbsp of natural yoghurt or coconut yoghurt
A handful of mixed frozen or fresh berries
200ml unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk or water
50g 180 Superfood protein (Chocolate)


Add ingredients to a blender and blend until desired consistency.


Looking to add more protein into your diet? Check out the full range of clean, healthy and natural 180Nutrition products on our website.


Share your delicious smoothies with us on Instagram with #myTWC


Cinnamon Banana Bread

Cinnamon Banana Bread

Summer Hill Pantry | February 15, 2019


Whip up a perfect banana bread using our incredible gluten-free cinnamon cake mix in a matter of minutes!



400g Summer Hill Pantry Cinnamon Cake Mix
3 medium or 2 large overripe bananas – mashed
½ cup olive oil
2 eggs



1. Preheat oven to 180 C. Line loaf tin with baking paper.

2. Combine oil and eggs in a bowl. Whisk together for about 60 seconds until small bubbles form.

3. Stir through the banana.

4. Fold in the rest of the cake mix and stir until just combined.

5. Transfer to prepared tin and bake for 55 – 60 minutes, test with a skewer to check it’s ready.


This banana bread is excellent served warm with butter or coconut butter!


Share your delicious gluten-free baking with us on Instagram with #myTWC


Healthy Choc-Orange Biscuits

Healthy Choc-Orange Biscuits

Georgia Harding | February 10, 2019


Recipe thanks to wellnourished.com.au.

This is a fabulous, easy to make, back to school biscuit. They freeze really well (either the dough or the finished biscuit) so they are great for batch baking and stocking your freezer for the first term of school. Are you back in your school baking groove?



50 grams (¼ cup) butter or coconut oil, melted
85 grams  (¼ cup) sweetener (rice malt syrup, maple syrup or honey)
Zest one orange, finely grated
3 tablespoons fresh orange juice
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
Pinch salt
¼ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
215 grams (1¾ cups) wholemeal spelt flour

Chocolate coating
200 grams dark chocolate, broken into squares
1 tablespoon coconut oil



1. Place the fat, sweetener, zest, orange juice, vanilla and sea salt into a large bowl and beat until well combined.
Thermomix: melt the butter or coconut oil 1 min, 90, speed 3 then add the sweetener, zest, juice, vanilla and salt and mix 1 min, speed 4.

2. Add the bicarbonate of soda and mix well.
Thermomix: 5 seconds, speed 4.

3. Add the spelt flour and mix until combined.
Thermomix: Lock lid, 30 seconds knead (flour symbol). Scrape the sides of the bowl to incorporate the flour.

4. The dough should be firm and hold together without sticking to your hands (like play dough). If it is too wet (sticky) add a little more flour. If too dry, add a tablespoon of juice or water.

5. Place the dough onto a piece of baking paper and roll it into a log (approx. 5cm in diameter).

6. Place in the fridge for 1-2 hours then slice into 5mm biscuits (in winter you will only need 30 mins in the fridge).

7. Preheat the oven to 180℃ before slicing the dough.

8. Place slightly apart on a lined baking tray (they spread ever so slightly) and bake for 10 minutes.

9. Allow to cool fully on the tray (they firm as they cool).


Chocolate Coating Method

1. Bring a small pot of water to the boil and then turn off the heat. Place a small ceramic, glass or metal bowl over the hot water. Add the chocolate and coconut oil and stir until it is melted.
I use a small bowl so that the melted chocolate is deep (which makes it easier to get a good half of the biscuit coated).

2.  Work with your tray of biscuits right next to the melted chocolate. Dunk half the biscuit into the melted chocolate and place back on the tray. Pop in the fridge to set the chocolate.


Time-Saving Tip

If you can’t be bothered with the chocolate coating, press a chocolate button into each biscuit before baking.



Swap the spelt flour with 130g (1¼ cup) of almond meal plus 95g (¾ cup) buckwheat flour plus 2 tablespoons tapioca flour. This dough is firm but sticky so wet your hands to shape it into the log. Another GF option is a good quality gluten-free premix (link to your mix).

Dairy-free and vegan
Use a dairy-free chocolate.

Choose rice malt syrup as your sweetener and 98% dark chocolate.

Choose the coconut oil (or even melted butter) for your fat.

Replace the coconut oil with macadamia oil or melted butter and omit from the chocolate coating.


Georgia’s website, Well Nourished, is full of delicious, wholefood recipes, blog articles around health and wellness so much more.

Share your beautiful, wholefood baking creations with us on Instagram with #myTWC

Raw Maca Chocolate Bark with Nut Butter Swirl

Raw Maca Chocolate Bark with Nut Butter Swirl

FoodMatters | February 7, 2019


Enjoying a treat of chocolate doesn’t have to make you feel guilty. Like anything, consuming poor quality chocolate, such as chocolate loaded with added sugar and chemicals, is not beneficial for your body.

There are lots of healthy chocolate recipes you can try to make sure you are giving your body the best!



¼ cup raw cacao
½ cup coconut oil, melted
2 tsp maple syrup
1-2 tbsp maca powder
1 tbsp nut butter – almond butter, cashew butter, peanut butter, ABC butter.



1. Mix together cacao, melted coconut oil, maple syrup and maca powder.

2. Pour into a small tray or chocolate moulds, lined with parchment paper.

3. Drop in teaspoons of nut butter randomly.

4. Using a skewer or knife, swirl the nut butter throughout the chocolate mixture.

5. Place in the freezer to set for half an hour.

6. When serving, remove from freezer and break up into bark pieces.

7. Store in the freezer and snack on when you are feeling a little low.


Share your favourite healthy chocolate creations with us on Instagram with #myTWC!


Paleo Sticky Date Pudding

Paleo Sticky Date Pudding

Natural Evolution | February 6, 2019


Make this Valentine Day extra special by whipping up this nourishing paleo sticky date pudding! This classic dessert has received the ultimate nutrition & gluten-free boost with Natural Evolution’s incredible gluten-free baking flour which is made with green bananas, so whether you’re making this treat for someone sweet, or just your sweet self there’s a lot to love!


Pudding Ingredients

200 grams pitted dates
200 grams water
2 teaspoons of bicarb soda
70 grams coconut sugar
70 grams coconut oil
2 eggs
1 teaspoons vanilla extract
130 grams of Natural Evolution Gluten-Free Baking Flour


Sauce Ingredients

1 cup coconut cream
150 grams dates (soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
½ teaspoon of salt (or suit to your taste)
1 tablespoons of coconut oil



1. Preheat oven to 180C. Lightly grease round cake tin (20cm) and dust with flour or line.

2. Chop dates finely by hand or in a food processor, or Thermomix chop for 8 seconds on speed 7.

3. Put water and dates into a saucepan and gently simmer on stove for 5 minutes constantly stirring. Thermomix 5 minutes, 100C, on Speed 1.

4. Add bicarb soda to the water/date mixture and mix well. Thermomix 3 seconds, speed 2.

5. Set bicarb, date, water mixture aside.

6. In  a bowl add coconut oil, flour, sugar, eggs, flour and vanilla and mix well.

7. Add date, water, bicarb mixture to oil, flour, sugar, eggs and vanilla – mix well.

8. Pour mixture into prepared tin and place in preheated oven. Bake for 50 minutes or until skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.

9. Leave in tin 10 minutes before turning out onto a plate.


Serve with caramel sauce or fresh fruit as desired.


Caramel Sauce

1. Add the drained dates, vanilla and oil mix in food processor or Thermomix until they form a thick paste.

2. Add salt and coconut cream until well combined and creamy. Can be served hot or cold.


Share your fantastic gluten-free baking creations with us on Instagram #myTWC! 


Chocolate Protein Bombs

Chocolate Protein Bombs

Belinda Smith | February 3, 2019


Forget the marketing on packets of biscuits which say ‘Perfect For Lunchboxes’ because they really aren’t.  These packets are usually loaded with sugar, additives and preservatives and are usually empty carbohydrates – high energy, low nutrient foods. Now these Chocolate Protein Bombs really are Perfect For Lunchboxes. They’re naturally sweet from the dates and are packed with protein from the seeds, so they will offer longer lasting energy.



10 medjool dates
¼ cup sunflower seeds
¼ cup pepitas
1 tbsp chia seeds
½ cup coconut flakes
½ cup oats
2-3 tbsp cacao powder*
2-3 drops peppermint oil or flavour (optional)
Pinch salt
Desiccated coconut (to roll balls in)

*My family like 85-90% dark chocolate so I used 3 overflowing tbsp of cacao. Adjust the amount to suit your family or use carob powder if you’re making these for little ones to enjoy too.



1. Soak dates in warm water for 5 minutes

2. Drain dates, then throw into a food processor or Thermomix

3. Put the rest of the ingredients in the food processor or Thermomix

4. Blitz until the mixture comes together – blitz until you get the consistency you want (I still leave mine a little chunky because the kids don’t mind the texture of the seeds but if your children prefer not to have lumps, just blitz for longer)

5. Roll into balls – I make mine smaller than the store-bought bliss balls because they are easier to pack into the lunchbox (I just pack 2 instead of 1 big one)

6. Place desiccated coconut onto a plate. Now roll the ball in the coconut. Give it a little shake to get rid of any excess coconut.


Freezing / Storage

These are best stored in the fridge, then pack directly into the lunchbox – too easy. I haven’t tested freezing these yet but it’s not really necessary, they will last a month in the fridge anyway.

Another 2 Ways

Jaffa Balls: Replace the peppermint oil with orange – you could add a tablespoon of orange juice and some zest or use 2 drops of food grade orange oil.

Choco-Nana Balls: Replace the peppermint oil with half a dried banana popped int the food processor and a good pinch of cinnamon.


These bombs are a great way to get your kids involved in making their snacks. Why not have them whip up a batch on the weekend to pop into school lunchboxes throughout the week?

Find more healthy, wholefood, kid-friendly recipes on Bel’s website, The Root Cause.


Show us your favourite bliss ball creations on Instagram with #myTWC! 


Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Fudge

Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Fudge

Ellen Babauskis | February 2, 2019


This creamy fudge is the perfect summer snack or dessert. Delicious and satisfying, quick and easy to make, and it keeps well in the fridge for long periods of time – winner! Make a batch to have on hand for when guests are coming over or for when you feel like a satisfying sweet treat! This recipe is dairy free, egg free, refined sugar-free and gluten-free but yet still very satisfying! And unlike most sugary sweets, you’ll be satisfied after just one square. Enjoy!


Makes 14



60g desiccated unsweetened coconut
60g coconut oil, melted
130g natural peanut butter
40g maple syrup
Pinch fine salt
½ tsp vanilla extract
Crushed peanuts (optional)
Coconut flakes (optional)




1. Line a 25cm x 10cm tin with baking paper. Set aside.

2. Place desiccated coconut into processor or bullet blender and blend for 30 sec – 1 minute.

3. Add melted coconut oil and pulse until combined.

4. Add peanut butter, maple syrup, salt and vanilla extract. Blend until combined.

5. Transfer mixture to lined loaf pan and spread into an even layer. Sprinkle crushed peanuts and coconut flakes on top if using – these will sink in but that’s okay. Refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours.

6. Slice into squares and enjoy. Serve straight from the fridge.


Find more of Ellen’s fantastic vegan Thermomix recipes & vegan advice on Alyce Alexandra Cookbooks.

Share your favourite wholefood sweet treat creations with us on Instagram with #myTWC


Spicy Broccoli Pasta

Spicy Broccoli Pasta

Alyce Alexandra | January 30, 2019


The perfect quick meal for two, you’ll have dinner on the table in less than 15 minutes! Our star ingredient broccoli forms the bulk of the sauce, enhanced with chilli, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and cheese – it’s a winning combination. Finish this dish off with toasted pine nuts for creaminess and crunch, there’s nothing unsophisticated about this simple dish.

This recipe is vegetarian, serves two people & can be made gluten-free by using your favourite gluten-free pasta!


250g orecchiette, or gluten-free penne, spiral pasta or spaghetti
1 brown onion, peeled and halved
3 cloves garlic, peeled
2 long red chillis, halved
100g olive oil
2 heads broccoli, cut into florets
1 lemon, juice only
1 tsp fine salt
50g pine nuts, toasted
80g cheese, to serve (Parmesan, Pecorino, Feta, blue, to make vegan use nutritional yeast instead)
Chilli flakes, to serve (optional)



1. Cook pasta according to package instructions.

2. Meanwhile, place onion, garlic and chilli in TM bowl, chop for 5 seconds, speed 5. Scrape down sides.

3. Add olive oil, sauté for 5 minutes, 120°C, speed 1.

4. Add broccoli, chop for 5 seconds, speed 4, or until finely chopped, assisting with spatula if necessary.

5. Add lemon juice and salt, heat for 3 minutes, 80°C, reverse speed soft.

6. Toss broccoli mixture, pasta and pine nuts. Top with cheese and chilli flakes (if using) to serve.


Total time: 15 minutes.


Find more of Alyce’s fantastic whole food Thermomix recipes on her website.


Share your delicious pasta recipes with us on Instagram with #myTWC


Easter Hot (Cold) Cross Smoothie!

Easter Hot (Cold) Cross Smoothie!

Kate Parker | January 29, 2019


This smoothie is a SUPER delicious way to enjoy all the flavours of hot cross buns in a healthy, nourishing way that will cool you right down! We whipped up some hot (frozen) cross smoothies using our fantastic selection of oil & sulphur free dried fruits and spices. This smoothie will keep little legs powering all Easter long weekend.



1 frozen banana
1 cup of almond milk
1 medjool date
1 small handful of mixed raisins and sultanas
1 tsp vanilla extract
A pinch of cinnamon
A pinch of nutmeg
A pinch of cardamom
A pinch of ginger powder
A pinch of Himalayan salt
Extra cinnamon powder


1. Blend all ingredients until smooth except the extra cinnamon.

2. Create 2 paper strips to make your hot cross and then sprinkle with cinnamon!

What treats are you enjoying this easter? Share them with us on Instagram with #myTWC