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Running my recent Thermomix cooking classes made me realise…. sometimes you lovely customers need a little nudge to make some of my weirder recipes!!

I know they’re brilliant, but until you’ve made it yourself I get the scepticism. One recipe, in particular, that doesn’t get the love it deserves from customers is my Facon, a.k.a. fake bacon. This stuff is ADDICTIVE!!

It’s made with pantry staples, and it’s actually good for you.

It’s vegan, soy free, nut free, low carb, keto friendly, Paleo, gluten free, dairy free… you get the idea. Store in a jar for weeks (even months!) and sprinkle on salads, roast veggies, risottos, eggs, pasta… you name it, anything savoury. Adds an instant hit of flavour with minimal effort – that’s my ‘flavour makers’ philosophy!

Unfortunately, I can’t give you all some to taste (like I can in a class!), but I can SHOW you how easy it is to make! Well actually it’s Ellen making it… I’m behind the camera. Watch the quick video here:


This recipe is straight from page 230 of Everyday Thermo Cooking, so give it a whirl! Want more of my flavour makers tips and tricks? Check out this blog post – my ‘Quick Fix Flavour Makers‘. And have a brilliant week! xx

P.S. If you’re looking for liquid smoke, we stock it here.

About The Author

Ellen Babauskis

Ellen loves all creatures big and small, and lives a life focused on sustainability, our earth’s health and animal rights. She has a passion for Thermomix vegan cooking and, of course, vegan eating, with a focus on easy, fresh and wholesome, preferably gluten-free meals. Developing recipes that can be easily adapted to suit every occasion and every person’s tastes are her specialty. However she loves eating out just as much, exploring famous vegan restaurants as well as those hidden backstreet gems, as supporting small business is also a priority of hers.