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Ok, ok…. I’m not a fan of eating our emotions, but sometimes a good pancake really hits the spot!

Here’s some pancakes made from whole, real foods that will both nourish and sustain your energy levels.


Laini x

Powerhouse Protein Pikelets (hemp seeds)Easy “Golden Pikelets” (feels more ‘white and plain’ for those fussy eaters)

Gluten-free Dairy-free Buckwheat Pancakes

Quinoa Banana Pancakes for One
Banana Quinoa Protein Pancakes

Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes
(Thermomix instructions which you can easily follow without one)
Breakfast Baked Apple Pancakes
Vegan Buckwheat Banana Blueberry pancakes RecipeGluten-free baked apple pancake recipe
Gluten-free, Gut-healthy Honey Pikelets
Thermomix Golden Pumpkin Pancakes (you can totally use your blender or food processor if you replace the cinnamon stick with powder though)
Honey PikeletsGolden pumpkin pancakes

Simple Simon Spelt Pancakes

Gluten-free Gut-Healthy Green Banana Flour Pancakes
Green Banana Flour Pancakes

Super Fluffy Green Banana Flour Pancakes

Cacao Pancakes
Green Banana PancakesCacao Pancakes

About The Author

Laini Oldfield

Laini Oldfield ~ Founder, The Wholefood Collective

Trying to eat nutrient-dense food free of pesticides and additives was driving Laini, Jordan and their 5 kids nuts! So the Wholefood Collective (TWC) was born. Started from their garage for their own family, TWC now makes whole foods ‘doable’ for every Aussie family, through access to highly vetted, home delivered, organic whole foods at big savings.

Her favourite part of the job though? Supporting people with simple solutions to get robust nutrition happening at their place.

Laini's biggest achievement is bringing her own family across the line, but she's also personally helped over 13,000 families to better nutrition and energy through TWC's signature 21-Day 'Wholefood My Family' Challenge, and at live workshops.

With a particular interest in using food to help achieve specific health goals (functional food), and strategies to boost nutrition in family meals without being 'detected', Laini loves discovering more about the powerful force for good that food can play in our lives, and then putting that to work.

Laini's goal is to see more Aussies thrive with clear minds, plenty of energy, stable moods, and robust immunity, through the nourishment that comes to body and mind through real food.

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