Wholefood My Family


Learn simple steps to ditch the fake food and flood your family with wholefood nutrition, without the overwhelm.

Don’t miss out! The Challenge starts on February 10.

What it is.

An easy to digest, step by step roadmap empowering you to take control of your family’s nutrition, through education, fun challenges, and a supportive community.

What it is not.

A be all and end all.  This will either lay down a solid foundation, or move you confidently along the path, but it is not everything there is to know.

Who is it for.

Parents who are done with fake food, and who want to begin or progress their journey in getting the most out of their food as fuel and medicine.

What’s in the Challenge?

Bite sized videos or challenges

daily that include key learnings on Wholefoods Vs Frankenfoods, Food Marketing Traps, and Living Foods. 

9 Food imposters

to stop using immediately and why they are hazardous to your family’s health, plus delicious nutrient full alternatives.

6 Simple actions to level up

your wholefood game including Time Saving Strategies, Lunchbox Hacks, and Essential Tools and Resources.

+ Heaps of bonuses too!

Expert Facebook Lives, private learning group, plenty of tip sheets and printouts, and a whole bunch of giveaways!

Your challenge bonuses!


Ongoing access to a private Facebook group full of like minded parents supporting each other to make sustainable changes.


Cheat Sheets, Downloadable Guides & heaps of Recipes to give you plenty of inspiration, and the most solid foundation.


Plenty of give aways including Organic Wholefood, Organisation Materials, Books & FREE TWC Memberships!

By the end of this challenge…


  • See food as fuel, not a hunger stopper.  Learn how to unlock your body’s innate ability to keep you energised, focused and robustly healthy.
  • Be empowered with strategies to successfully engage the whole family (even fussy kids) in the wholefood journey.
  • Generate great momentum, through lot’s of little wins, that will motivate and sustain you to continue learning and loving the journey of wholefood’ing your family.
  • Love your new mindset of embracing wholefoods with small and simple actions that develop mastery, without perfectionism or overwhelm.
  • Be part of a private community of like minded people who support and share challenges and successes for the benefit and growth of all the village, cause that’s what it takes.

If this is where you want to be, you’re only 21 days away 🙂


2 kids.  Student income.  No idea about Wholefood.

Yep, that was me, 10 years ago.   I vividly remember the time someone saw me feeding a bright Orange Apricot to my baby, and they politely let me know what was in it.  I was completely clueless.  Well that started a looong journey.  I dove into a few days worth of research, then headed down to the local health food store.  Standing at the checkout with a small basket of organic wholefood, I saw the total price and did a double take.  I was shocked.  Determined to make the change for my family, I spent most of our weekly food budget and left for home.  Fast forward a couple of days and I am standing in my kitchen completely overwhelmed.  How do I use this food?  What is Spelt flour?  Why are my kids spitting all this expensive food on the floor?  How do I even say Quinoa??

Well, life is different now.  And although we’re not perfect, the vast majority of our food is super nutritious, free of nasties, and willingly eaten by all 5 kids.  Even the hubby is onboard, leading the charge sometimes!  Over the years, knowledge has been refined, strategies developed.  Hacks, hints and expert help combined to where I’m now super confident in providing my family with abundant nutrition daily, without the stress and overwhelm.  We’ve since teamed up with an incredible Wholefood expert to share this experience and knowledge with you through the 21 Day Wholefood My Family Challenge.  I know you’re gonna love it!


So many of us parents feel alllll the feels.

Looking back on motherhood, I’ve had my fair share of heavy feelings. 

I’ve worried if I was doing enough to ensure our kids health. I knew good food could be an ‘insurance plan’, but I didn’t know what to do.

I remember being beside myself with our first born’s nightmare 8 month bout of Colic (waking, screaming and feeding hourly).  I shed a few tears of relief when it disappeared overnight simply by not eating certain foods.

We all want the best for our kids. And if you’re anything like me, and the thousands of families we’ve worked with, you might be feeling a little like this…

…concerned that we’re not feeding our kids the “right” food.  Wondering if their behaviour / poor sleep / skin complaints / learning difficulty is a symptom of their diet.

…believing health is really important, but not knowing how to improve things.  Questioning, am I doing enough to ensure their long term health?

…feeling incredibly lost in the sea of opinions on food and health.

…not knowing what steps to take, wishing for someone to tell us the one thing I could do right now.  And then the next thing.

…overwhelmed with life, let alone wanting to feed our family better.  Trying. Failing. Trying. Failing. Feeling like I just couldn’t do it.

Helping parents like you overcome ‘those feels‘ is exactly why we run this challenge.

Replacing uncertainty and confusion with clarity and manageable, simple actions is our jam.

Not only will your family benefit, but many parents tell us that they themselves have way more energy, a clearer mind and zest for life. And that my friend, is nothing short of amazing to us.

The 21 Day Wholefood My Family Challenge has been pivotal for so many families.  Read some of their feedback below, then come and join us!

Laini xx

What other Mums think of the challenge.

Meet your Hosts.

Ashley and Me (Laini).  You know a little about me.  I’m a Mum of 5 gorgeous kids and Wife to my man Jordan.  After getting pretty frustrated wanting to feed our family premium wholefood, but not really knowing how, and having an extremely tight budget, I was a little overwhelmed, and ready to just give in.  After getting a grasp on our journey, I realised there was about a squillion other families that felt the way we did.  So we decided to start the Wholefood Collective, a place to confidently shop premium, clean wholefood affordably, and an education hub where we make the wholefood life actually do-able.

Ashley Jubinville (aka The Kitchen Coach) is an inspiration in the kitchen and an advocate for vibrant health naturally (and now a lovely friend). With a background in structural engineering, she channels all those learnings in organisation, efficiency, and problem-solving into helping people establish a solid foundation for health in the home. She won’t stop until she has positively transformed, and personally touched the lives of 10,000,000 families.  You are in for a real treat!

We’re sooo looking forward to connecting with you and helping you along your wholefood journey.  Laini xx

Challenge FAQs

How is the Wholefood My Family Challenge delivered?

Through a private FB Group, Messenger and email.   All the videos and documents are stored on the group page, so if you miss anything, simply catch up when you can.

How much time each day does it take?

About 5-6mins for each day of either watching a short video or implementing a challenge.  Plus a couple of minutes of interacting with the FB group, if you’re so inclined.  Perfect for the busy.

Do I have to buy anything?

Nope.  You’ll be given a FREE Trial Membership to shop with TWC, if you want it, and an opportunity to deep dive to further your education, if you want it.

Are there meal plans?

While we don’t provide specific meal plans, we do teach the simple strategies, systems and short cuts to make the transition to the wholefood life do-able, and sustainable.

Is this a Vegan friendly Challenge?

We are all inclusive when it comes to what diet you follow.  We have both Vegan and Non Vegan options with all the recipes we give you.

Can I access the course material after it ends?

If you become a TWC Member, you will have unlimited access to these materials, whenever you want to do a little revision.  Otherwise the group closes once the challenge ends.

How much does the Challenge cost me?

Nothing.  It is completely free.

Join the REAL FOOD revolution!

  • 21 days of bite sized learnings and challenges that empower you to sustainably take control of your family’s nutrition 
  • Super supportive community of fellow wholefood lovers to grow with
  • Recipes, eBooks, Cheat Sheets & Guides to take away confusion and complexity
  • Bonus wholefood, books & Membership giveaways
  • All for FREE!

Don’t miss out! The Challenge starts on February 10.