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‘Wholefood My Life’ Bundle

Video Series + Recipe eBook

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Watch the introduction now

So who’s this series for?

We all want to eat better, so this series is for every ‘people’.

‘Sometimes you just don’t know where to start’ people.

‘I’m ready to learn a bit more’ people.

‘I’m a veteran, but want some more knowledge’ people.

(and anyone in between)

‘Going healthy’ can be a little challenging…

Confusing Labels

Numbers instead of words, nasty ingredients with healthy names that make you think that you’re eating well. Don’t even get me started on the Health Star rating system.

Conflicting Information

It’s a jungle out there. A lot of competing voices vying for your attention, all with agendas. Finding truth on what is the best for your body can be a challenge.

Where do I start?

With all the confusion, knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming. Wherever you are on the wholefood journey, starting today with small simple steps to nourishing your body is best for making sustainable change.

What the eCourse covers.

Meet Australia’s #1 Kitchen Coach

Ashley Jubinville is an inspiration in the kitchen and an advocate for vibrant health naturally. With a background is in structural engineering, she now channels all those learnings in organisation, efficiency, and problem-solving into helping people establish a solid foundation for health in the home. She won’t stop until she has positively transformed, and personally touched the lives of 1,000,000 families.

Ashley does not restrict herself (or anyone else) to any particular diet other than “healthIER”, step-by-step, day-by-day, gradually making changes that last, and only so fast as to still enjoy and delight in the process.

Her natural ability to combine flavours and create easy, wholesome meals with whatever’s available has inspired many already to be able to do this themselves.

We asked many of our favourite health industry friends, plus a bunch of TWC Members, to give us their go-to recipes.  We compiled the best, and want you to have them.  Bon Appetite!

The Wholefood My Life Series + eBook

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